New to calorie counting.

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  1. jellybean87

    jellybean87 Member


    I'm new to calorie counting but going to try it using the my fitness pal app to track.
    I'm on 1550 a day.
    Any tips or good foods to have?
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  3. Kelley!

    Kelley! Full Member

    Hi jellybean.

    You can have whatever you want within your calorie allowance- but you soon work out what's best to have calorie wise. I used to have chocolate most days but then be hungrier on an evening. Now I tend to have more filling stuff for the same amount of calories.

    Also I find protein fills me longer than carbs. So although pasta satisfies me at the time I can be hungry again 2 hours later. Don't know of that's just me though. You may be different x

    Good luck and keep us posted with ya progress.

    K x
  4. Nicola1985

    Nicola1985 Full Member

    Hi jellybean

    I agree with Kelley - you can eat what you want within your calorie "budget" but you can eat so much more of the healthy stuff compared to just a chocolate bar so it's more filling. I try to stick to around 1200 - 1300 cals a day (low but I'm only a shortie lol) and my daily diet usually consists of porridge made with skimmed milk and fruit for breakfast, a big tuna salad with chickpeas for lunch and grilled chicken, veg and brown rice for tea. My snacks are Ryvita with cottage cheese and maybe another piece of fruit and as much water as I can manage! The other benefits of eating like this is clearer glowing skin, better sleep, and generally feeling healthy in yourself :)
  5. SlimMeDown

    SlimMeDown Full Member

    Pretty much just repeating what the other posters said! It's a lot better for you and your body if you use the calories on healthier food. You can get a lot of fruit for the amount of calories in a chocolate bar! For example, some chocolate bars can be around 170 cals. Four medium strawberries can be only 15 cals!
    Aim for a high fibre breakfast too to keep you satisfied for longer until lunch. If you need a mid morning snack, a piece of fruit or some nuts would be fine. I currently try to have my 3 meals, morning snack and an afternoon snack but if I have a high fibre breakfast (as my CC app will tell me) then I find I don't need the mid morning snack.

    Hope it goes well :D
  6. systema

    systema Gold Member

    Which app do you use - I started with MFP on my laptop but looking for different one for my Samsung Galaxy
  7. SlimMeDown

    SlimMeDown Full Member

    I use MyNetDiary Pro, it gives me a detailed analysis of my day/week :)
  8. Zechti

    Zechti Full Member

    Im pretty new at doing this too, and use MFP to track. So far ive been doing ok, a week in and im now finding it difficult to get excited about the meals i do. Ive slipped into a routine where im eating the same thing and i think now my brain turns me off of it because ive had it too much. Im a bit stuck lol im a bit more creative with evening meals its just my lunches i struggle with. Xx
  9. bunnylovesalan

    bunnylovesalan Proud Mama :)

    Since doing CC I eat loads better and hardly eat chocolate now. I have also reduced my binge attacks!

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  10. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    well done love

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