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New to CD

Hello Everyone, Well I have tried just about every diet known to man I am fine when it comes to drinking but if I have to eat then one piece of food leads to another etc etc. I have never done a liquid diet before so I thought I would try it, I have researched it and it seems very popular.
I just wanted to pop on here and say hello and if anyone can give me any tips then feel free to :)

Wish me luck I need it lol

Start weight 16 Stone 13lbs :-(

Goal weight 10 Stone
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Hi and welcome - i think you've made a good choice, it's very liberating being able to abstain from food and in fact not having the space to make bad food choices.

Advice? The first few days will be tough. I scheduled to start while i was off work, but not everyone can do that - certainly don't make any demands of yourself for the first week.

I strongly advise you to buy a hand blender (blend soups and shakes (put ice in the shakes before blending) as you really don't want lumps)

Also - a water filter
You will end up drinking oceans of plain water - get used to that. The urge to wee all the time gets easier.

when you buy your first week's stuff, buy some spares. There will be things you don't like (no advice there, everyone seems to like different stuff), and it's good not to have to force it down. Also, you might spill a pack. Keep a spare at work / in your bag / in the car. Being caught somewhere and have nothing to 'eat' is dangerous: you may go off plan.

try not to go off plan. They say the first time is the golden time. Getting back on it after a blip, cheat or break is much harder for lots of people. If it's unavoidable, plan exactly what you'll have and exactly when you're coming back.

Average loss on SS / SS+ is 3-4lbs a week. some weeks you'll probably have a lot less. Weightloss isn't logical or linear. Or fair. But if you stick on it 100% the weight will come off eventually. There's not much difference in losses between SS and SS+ - it just depends whether you'll find it easier or harder to stick to if you have a bit of food. I'd find it harder, lots of people couldn't manage without it. You'll find out which you are, if you don't know already.

Know why you're doing this. write it down. use your diary to vent and moan, and use the miniminers for advice and support. people here are lovely. except me, obviously.

Ooh - and take a good full length photo now. You'll thank me later. also, your measurements, if your cdc doesn't do it.
Hi. I am also new to this(First day today). I know Im going to struggle to keep focused. I dont know if it will help you but I have stuck a picture next to my desk of when I was MUCH slimmer and I think it will encourage me every day :) good luck
Hi guys need some help! I work full-time and have an hour off for lunch...what do you do when you cant go eat?Iv been driving around feeling a bit lost. This is the time when Im really going to miss food I think. Dont know what to do with myself! Had my second shake and still hungry. Wish I could lock myself in a room and sleep until ketosis and I dont fele hungey. Only on day 2.... This is cold turkey!hahaha x
So three quarters of the way thrugh the day and I am feeling ok, had to go change the shakes for soups at my consultants as they made me gag! The soups were better, I had a challenge today and overcame it, I was at my friends house and its her birthday so she had cake and had made dinner (she also had chocolates!) I didnt even approach them, I just had a couple of black teas and came home. I hope I can keep t up, but nothing tastes as good as being slim feels so they say.

Back in a few days as I don't want t be writing this everyday you lot will get fed up lol Catch you laters.......................I'm off to find my slimmer self!
god - i never get a lunchbreak - am so jealous. if i had an hour i would look at lovely clothes online, check facebook, twitter and minimins, read a book or a magazine, do some of my many abandoned hobbies (crochet, tapestry kits...) watch stuff on iplayer...