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Hello There :)

I have just joined cambridge diet and after the three days of preparation time to cut down my carbs and drink plenty of water I will be starting Sole Source. I joined as I feel that CD is my last resort to get my diet under control. I have not been overly keen on liquid diets, but I am determine to make this work.

Can I have some tips on how I can deal with the temptation of eating food?

Hi Jemax, water is the key! Anytime you think you get a hunger pang drink more!! I'm on day 8 now and my daughter had some pringles earlier and I can honestly say I dint want any...Its mind over matter...Make a list of all the things you would like to do that you cant until you have lost the weight you need to lose. Then when ur tempted, remind yourself that by giving in you are making those goals so much further for me!! Also come on here to rant when you need to and maybe even start a diary thread so you can keep track of your triggers and emotions

Good luck

Avoiding food strategies.....

get on here and read inspirational posts

paint your nails/facepack/long bath = beauty night!!!!

go for a walk

have a big cup of peppermint tea

read a book/watch a funny movie

take up knitting!

DO ANYTHING you can to take your mind off it!!

You can do it, hun!
I am glad that I found this website, I think I will find the support I need right here, especially from CD members like yourselves.
Jemax - we are all here for you, hun! Get on here and let us know about your celebrations and we'll cheer you on.

Come on here and have a moan and we'll support you and get you through the difficult bits!!

That's a promise!

Good luck on it, it is a fabulous diet with amazing results, and you seem to have the right mindset, i cut down on carbs and i went caffeine free too lol, oooh the headaches ,