New to cs and new me hopefully!

Hi everyone
I'm new and decided to go on celebrity slim. I don't rate the shakes or soup much but I don't really mind as they seem to really get my metabolism working! This is my third day and I've lost four pounds so far... Was really looking forward to getting into exercise again today but I embarrassingly got my foot caught in my trousers yesterday, fell over and burst my kneecap! So had to have it washed out and stitched up :(
But I'm hoping I will still lose weight without the exercise!
I've been on hundreds of diets before and am successful but for one reason or another it seems to creep back on! I wasn't going to try another diet and just eat better but cs is so simple as there's no calorie counting and I can have some carbs such as low carb fruit which I craved when I did the Atkins! I'm hoping to just stick to this way of dating after losing the weight I want so it stays off. I like the fact I have six small meals as on a normal day I wouldn't eat til about 3 or 4 pm cos my body was so used to starving on diets... This cs is making me hungry all the time which is great cos I can have a meal or snack every few hours :)
Got two stone to lose so hopefully it'll go despite my knee! :(
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