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new to dukan

Hi everyone,

Firstly really sorry if im posting in the wrong place!!!

I just wanted to introduce myself:

Im Tracie
I live in Colchester with my 5 daughters

I literally have tried every diet out there.

I am now the heaviest I have ever been :cry:
I suffer quite badly from depression and it does all come down to my weight.

I have zero confidence, in fact, less than zero!!!!

I have joined a gym, just had my induction and even to walk through the door is a huge step for me as I tend to stay at home and have been told that im socialphobic!!

When Im about 4+ stone lighter, Im a completely different person.
full of life and eager to get out there to meet people but the person I am now, well, I dont like who Ive become

I would obviously like to meet people local to me doing anykind of diet, ive only lived here for 6 weeks and in that 6 weeks havent spoke to another adult!!!

Ive got the dukan diet book and recipe book.

Ive lost 13lb, I started on 15th Nov but no weight loss for about 4 days now

Anyway, I wont waffle on but it would be good to meet people and hear about your journeys

Thanks for reading

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Hi Tracie and a very well done for all the first steps you have made and of course the brill weight loss as for staying the same it seem it happens to us all (if I'm wrong someone will correct me) get your self a diary on here keep posting keep your head up and remember you are not alone,so much of what you have written is like me at my heaviest, just think of your Daughters and yourself to keep you going, life is too short to miss out because of our weight and this diet seems so doable that you can continue enjoying yourself all the very best and just post be it a question, moan etc they are a fab lot on herexx essay over lol Taraxx


Not very good at this!
Welcome Tracie. You will find lots of useful info on her and you will soon make lots of friends. Bron is right, post a diary and then people can see what you are eating and help if necessary. Don't worry about STS - it is impossible to continue the huge losses every week and many of us fluctuate all over the place.
Welcome! Well done on your progress so far.

The short stall after the big initial loss is not uncommon. Stick with it, post your menus and we can let you know if anything is amiss.

Also cycles can stop loss for a short time then whoosh another big loss.

Stick around.
hey hunny welcome on board ....my lord reading that struck a few chords !!!
stick with it and when you sts come and shout on here dont lose heart ,it really does work....


** Chief WITCH **
Welcome welcome... I think your words are true for many of us, and I wish you much luck with the diet!

As others have said, we're a nosey bunch... so chat away!
hi and welcome,

im also the heaviest iv been and suffer from depression and lack of confidence,
i know just a bit of a weight loss makes you start to feel great.

iv tried slimming world a few times but failed past 2 times,im only 5.3ft so at 10 and a half stone was quite curvy,and dont like it
im suprised how easy dukan has been tbh,

good luck with doing this,if you have any questions post them and ask,someone will help you,im sure,im blonde and ask deft questions all the time lol:D:D
Hi, Tracie! :)

I was at my heaviest - until Dukan, so it does work. I'm sure it will work for you, too. Don't worry about staying the same weight for a few days or even a week or so. A bit of an exercise boost or checking what you're eating with the girls on the forum can help to sort that out.

You'll get your confidence back, don't worry.
Thank you so much for all your lovely and supportive replies.
It's great to know I'm not alone.

I almost caved yesterday as I was so fed up with everything.
Still no weight loss this morning so that's about 5 days now.

Got another induction at the gym today so will try to up the exercise.

I wonder if it's because I'm not eating enough.............

Yesterday I ate oat bran porridge, 2 fat free yoghurts and about 8 chicken breast mini fillet strips with dried seasoning (about goujon size)

3 or 4 litres of water and tea with skimmed milk

My Tesco shopping just came so from today I'm planning my meals

I think I'm also going to check out what others are eating so I can compare.

Thanks again guys
Trace x x x
Hi Scoobydoo

Im on cruise now.
Did attack for about 9 days

I never used to drink water on a daily basis, ive done Lighter life and cambridge diet and you need to drink alot of water on that but when im not dieting, I dont drink water so I started with the 1.5 litres and now i get thirsty if I dont drink the water.

Also, my ketones were at +++ so I figured I wasnt drinking enough!

Ive got the recipe book so going to try the muffins and going to make cauliflower shephards pie for tonight!

Take care

Hi Tracie and welcome!

Best of luck with the diet. You'll get lots of help and support on here (although quiet at weekends, but will liven up through the week).
Hi Trace, You are alot like me!!! I hear what your saying.
Good luck on your journey chicken! :) Friendly bunch on here, I love to get my daily dose of them ... :)
Hi and welcome Tracie. My girlfriend (who i may add has your name lol) started the diet 3 weeks ago and lost 5kg or 10ish lb in her first week and then nothing. I keep telling her to eat more. From what you posted your eating i would eat that amount of chicken in one meal, plus a couple of eggs and another serve of meat in one day. Stick at it though and you will see results soon.

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