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new to exante

welcum hun, umm the best thing would be probz make sure you drink lots of water between 2-4 ltres...space the meals out so that you won't be without food for ages in between as then that would probably make yourself hungry...and try and keep busy so that you will b able to keep your mind occupied and not think about food and last but not least lol come on here whenever you do feel hungry as we are all in the same boat and we are ere to support each other and readin success stories will push on even further...hope this has helped in sum way :D good luck


reaching my goal
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thank you for your advice , im looking forward to seeing then changes . how long have you been doing exante ?:)
oh this is only my first week hun...so i am in the same boat as u :D...but the soups are relii fillin..and so are the shakes too...the bars are yummy if u got them too and they are probably the most filling out of them al..you can only have one bar per day by the way if you didn;t already kno..k?? how much are you wanting to lose? what are your aims? goal?
Hi there, I'm new too! I've just started today. Doesn't this forum seem great! At the moment I can't quite imagine going without proper food for the next 10 weeks, but I'm hoping I can get over that and see the 'bigger picture'! You asked about motivation.....this might seem really daft, but I think that listening to music helps. You know, the type of songs that you day dream too....where you walk into a room and heads turn because you look so great! (Maybe this is just me!) Good luck and hope today goes well for you xx
music videos help too for motivation lol seeing how great the celebrities look like in them lol...don't worri it does get easier with time hunnies


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A very big welcome Rose and Ailsa, the 1st week is fine, really, I am sure you are motivated to do it or you would not have started in the 1st place. There is no better place to be during your 1st week than on this forum, everyone and I mean everyobe is very supportive, inspiring and motivating so hang in there and keep us updated. Brilliant to see you both, look forward going on this journey with you.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
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welcome welcome :D to you both ...

and sweet girl our sweetest girl :D is spot on!

first week was hard for me too.. and I won't lie.. it does get easier I PROMISE.. although it can still be tough some days. It is so worth it and you have both made the biggest step on starting the journey xx

We seem to get each other through the days here on this little forum.. I take it day at a time ( the others are groaning as I always say that heheh ).

But it works for me, rather than thinking I have such and such many weeks to go ...I just congratulate myself every day.. Its easier to tell myself get through today.. get through today. and the HONK thread is such a good motivator.! I love honking! ;);)

First week I promise is the hardest, as your body is rebelling and having a tantrum, trying to bully you into feeding it.. but show it who is boss!
You may feel a little yuck too.. but go easy on yourself have lazy days, don't worry too much about exercising or rushing about.. your body has a lot to cope with stabilising to the new calorie intake.. drink drink drink and some very early nights into bed are a needed some days hehe.

Making a cupboard in the kitchen only of your space packs, meaning no other food in it, helps as no tempting treats can seduce your eyes.
get a hand whisk or a latte frother!
If you crave something sweet, remember you can add a sweetner xx
If you can, when people are eating in the house, or cooking, take yourself away and pamper yourself in the bathroom with bubbles or a magazine anything to shut out the smells.. food smells are a killer to start with.. But yesterday and today I have been cooking lots of yummy food for the house here, and not once was I tempted to even taste a spoon to check the flavour...

You are doing so well.. it is worth it.. and it does ease and welcome xxx
short i have just realised you are a northner just like me lool...only just looked at the bit wher you are from lol not far from me at all when i am at home lol (sorri bit random) lol
Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone! I'm hoping when I start to see and feel the results, it will spur me on. I've actually just moved back to my mums house as I've had to spend some time in hospital, which makes things a bit tricky. She's always trying to feed me and there's so many yummy things in the house! She does understand though. I can't wait to go clothes shopping without feeling horrible. When I get time this evening, I'm going to write my reasons on here for wanting to lose weight. Thanks again, Ailsa x

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
S: 17st0lb C: 14st2lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 38.7 Loss: 2st12lb(16.81%)
I think the writing down of reasons and goals is a wonderful idea! I think putting it in black and white really focuses the mind.. I found once I got up the nerve to write on this forum too, it was as if I was signing a contract.. it really does make you realise we can do this

I hope your reason list contains nice hopeful things alongside any negatives, and remember although we all want to change, it doesn't mean you are not already beautiful inside and out.. its the person that does that xxx :D Good luck good luck :D

and sweet hehe I am only a pretend northerner.. I actually speak with a little tiny farmerish cornish accent, mostly when I am sleepy.
I live in Leeds now, but have left footprints in lots of different places across the country, from Oxford, Chichester, Brighton, Weymouth, Portland, along the Thames hehehe. Just need a Romany caravan to complete the look!

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woow you have lived in a lot of diff places...that is a great list hehe...have you got a diary?? lol

hun writing down a list as to why you want to do this is a great motivator :D
Welcome! this is my first week too! started yesterday. I felt hungry and irritable last night around 9pm so i came for a look on here. Before i knew it, it was 10.30, i was tired and went to bed. Hunger/boredom....u get my drift. Keep busy, space out your packs well, drink plenty and you'll be fine xx


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A warm welcome to you all. As everyone says this forum is fabulous. I hate all those diet groups (and I've done em all over the years) where you go along, pay a fiver and queue to get weighed whilst listening to others chatting about how they've cheated all week. Then they wonder why they haven't lost!! And you have been 100% and lost a pound. Big whoop.
It's totally different here. Everyone is supportive and encouraging plus we're all in the same boat. You may even get a little telling off ;)
Good luck all x


reaching my goal
S: 15st11lb C: 15st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone for your support , im looking forwared to the results . So many of you have done so well , its nice to know it works if you put your mind to it ! Im a little scared because ive never done this kind of diet , ive always done the meetings which helped me to lose 2 stone but slowly im putting it back on and i would hate to see thats person again . xx
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Rose you will be fine if you just hang in there. This forum is better than the meetings, vent, rant and rave all you like and you know what, we will listen and support you no matter what. Hopefully you can stop yourself from seeing that person again and we will do our utmost to stop that happening as well, you just have to confide in us when the going gets tough.
yeah i agree with mark there...this is much better then actual meetings as we wouldn't judge you on anythng and we wil do our utmost to help you keep focused on the diet and on your goal hun..you will b kk trust us..:d

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