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new to juddd-ering

in fact, ive decided to start tomorrow and use the website and hopefully you guys with anything i dont understand...if you dont mind?
Course we don't mind - the more the merrier..

I got my book on Saturday morning, but to honest I have been pigging all weekend so haven't even opened it, but that will be changing tonight !!!

Good luck on your JUDDD journey..

thanks madferret :)

ok heres first question
i used the calculator and it says my up day limit is 3202 c and the down day of 640 c at 20% so is the down day limit of 640 c after the inital two weeks of 500 cals yes?

sorry to sound stupid lol

h x

oh and you have to drink 2-3 ltrs of water day, is that correct?
I used the calculator as well, but I have just stuck to the 500 cals on a DD and I don't count on my UDs, as long as I don't go above the 2300 that the calculator said...
Not many of here are going by the calc figures, just sticking to the DDs maximum..

I think someone said recently that you are more likely to see a gain, not from overeating on your UDs, but on your DDs !! who would have thought it..

Hope that helps

Welcome to juddding Harriet, nice to have you with us :) Yes of course we don't mind questions, we'll help where we can. Great thing with this juddd board is we're all pretty new to it so all getting stuck in together which is fab :D Yes I think the calculator is meant as a guide. Most people on here have been sticking to 500 cals on dds for the first two weeks at least, I'm just starting my third week on 500 cals as don't want to increase it just yet and don't have the need to. Up days I tend to stick to around 2000-2200. I do count my up days, but most people on here don't, but I've been used to counting for so long it's just second nature to me now and I want to make sure I keep on track lol!

Good luck with it hun, I'll add you to out lists! x
thanks everyone, you all sound so lovely! starting today even though my books not arrived but i think its fairly self explanatory isnt it , how this works?!

a little history about my dieting ... my first successful diet was the fibre diet where i lost 2 1/2 stone in 4 months when i was 18, second time i went on a diet was with SW where i did lose weight be got disillusioned by how slow it all was and how rubbish the person who was running it was! in the meantime had two babies and gained weight. over the next few years yo yo dieted but stayed really around 14stone ish.
last year i tried lt and lost 70 lbs but unfortunately 30 odd lbs of that has gradually crept back on and last week i stuck to 3 days of exante lol
JUDDD sounds ideal and really to good to be true so im doing with with a mixture of trepidation and excitement, if that makes sense!

sorry to go on just thought id bore you all silly with my dieting history

h xx
thanks sarah lou, i will :)

h xx
Trepidation and excitement, yes I know that feeling that's what I've been like since being on juddd, especially on weigh in days lol! But I'm loving it so far and sure you will too.

No prob going on, I'm always interested in people's diet history and stories etc. Plus I ramble on probably more than anybody else, hahahaha!

Good luck hun, keep us posted about how you get on x
Hi Harriet, welcome to JUDDD. I did a week last week but have switched for time being. It was good though and it seems to change your attitude to food. So good luck with it.

Sarah lou, well done on the loss, fab! And so very much easier than CD!

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