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What did you want to know Emma? Welcome to the site. There is usually someone who can help you. We are all new to LLL so we are trying to support each other. Ask away and we will have a go at finding answer.


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I'm so new I haven't started yet! I've been doing Cambridge Sole Source for a week and a half, and am starting LLL on Friday (collect my swag tomorrow night). Hopefully we can all journey together!


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Hi Kelfie, I did LL Foundation last summer and I've still a stone to lose, so I'm starting LLL on 1st Feb for a 4-week module to finally shift it! So, from what I can gather LLL works on the basis of:

3 shakes or soups
2 shakes or soups plus 1 bar
1 protien meal (say meat, fish etc) with loads of salad or veg (no carbs)
There is also a daily dairy allowance - milk for hot drinks or cheese

It's a LCD, apposed to a VLCD such as LL or CD, and around 800 cals per day. LLL works on 4-week modules with a closed group of up to 12 ladies or 12 men (same sex groups only) and they state the average weight loss during a 4-week module is around 1 stone. You have a weekly class for weigh-ins and chats, which I found really helpful during LL Foundation last year.

Your LLC will provide you with the food packs/bars, book, shaker etc when you join. No medical form is required to join, as it a LCD, and I believe it's something like £45 or £49pw (not too sure yet!).

Prior to your first class you are asked along to a group meeting session a few days before your first group meeting to meet the rest of your group, watch a dvd, talk from LLC, get weighed, measured, photo taken etc., which I think is a really good idea, espcially for those who haven't done LL in the past.

There is a criteria set out by LL to join LLL, which is you must have a bmi of between 25-29.9 (LLL is for those who want to lose between 1 and 2 stones), if your bmi is higher they will recommend doing LL Foundation to get your bmi down to under 29.9 to meet this requirement.

Hope this helps and it's all right!


S: 10st11lb C: 9st2lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 1st9lb(15.23%)
I'm not sure I'm going to continue with LLL: I've lost 2lbs one week and 1.5 last week (I previously lost 7lbs in my 1st week of Cambridge SS - I obviously don't expect that kind of loss on LLL). I think LLL is too expensive for losses that most people get on WW or SW by eating 'healthily'. What do you think anyone?


Hi all, Still sticking with lighter life lite, seems to be working wel for me so far, ive lost 11lb first week and 3lb second week so got my first stone off,
the only downside im finding is that by 6pm when im usually off to the gym im finding im too weak for it, managed it last night and am going tonight so am hoping to get a little more than 3lb off.

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It's £49.50 so it's not cheap, but before I was buying lunch everyday, a meal out at weekends plus alcohol and a takeaway at the end of the night and then 'treats' on top so I am spending less a week.

Glypta, I've found I can stick to it meticulously and only lose a pound or two if I don't drink enough water. If it's not water, it might be worth bringing it up in your group or have a quiet word with your counsellor.

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Drinking lots of water is great for you anyway :D Keeps you energised, flushes your body out, I usually aim for about 3+ litres a day if I can. Don't force yourself to drink liquids if you don't want to, go by your instinct...
I don't think there's any set 'time' as to when you should eat a bar or a meal... Personally I eat my bar at 11 in the eve as a snack... though I shouldn't do. :D The main meal shouldn't be eaten too late I guess, but dinner time is fine. It really shouldn't matter too much - you're overthinking it! :p Just go with the flow and everything will fall into place.
There are a couple of threads in this section with some recipe ideas, have a browse around!