New to Lipotrim, few questions?


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Hi I have previously done Lighterlife, and Cambridge :eek:, and have a couple of questions about starting Lipotrim.

Do you just turn up at the chemist? or do you need to pre-book?

Has anyone done LL and Lipo? Is the chicken soup similar??

Do you buy one week at a time?

Is it basically the same rules as Cambridge and LL?

Thanks for your help, Mandy x
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Hiya, you go to the chemist, they give you a dvd.. and some literature about lt.. than you go home, watch it and make an appointment for the consultation.. i had to pay a 10euro deposit for the dvd.. but i got that back when i handed it in.. you get the weeks worth of shakes... there is another thread about the varying prices of lipotrim in different chemists.. its worth a look... the shakes are vanilla strawberry bleurgh.... chocolate and chicken soup... there are also bars but they are like cardboard.. I am on day 4 and finding it ok.. along with 2-4 litres of water hth x


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Hi Lola and welcome :wavey:
I know with my pharmacy, i did call them just to make sure if i needed to book an appointment initially, they were happy for me just to pop in. Same with my weigh in, i just turn up.They told me to watch the dvd online on the lipotrim website before going in for my first appointment.You do buy your supplies one week at a time.
I can't help with the other questions i'm afraid,as never been on any of the other plans you have mentioned.
Good luck


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same as what everyone else has said. but you can speed up the process a little bit. if you go on the lipotrim website they have the video on there. watch it before you go and tell them that you have watched it that way you dont waste a day bringing the dvd home to watch it. then they just get you started.

when i went to my pharmacy I had already read up on LT and I told them so they said we could skip the formalities. they give me the literature anyway incase i forgot anything.... and i got started same day.
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It really does depend on your chemist and how "ethically" they operate. I dont think my chemist done it by the book, however I think he was taken aback by how much I already knew (which I found out from you guys) so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

The best advice I can give you (or anyone) is dont rely on one source for information, so even if your pharmist or dr is really helpful double check things in places like this forum.

For me, if the hair starts to fall out - I am going to Pizza Hut faster than u can blink!!


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hahaha! i actually found that my hair started falling out when I stopped LT the first time! so maybe it would be a good idea to take hair vits or something after. could you take hair vitamins on LT?

mmm pizza hut !


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if you go into holland and baretts in town, they have all sorts of vitamins. you can get multi vitamins for hair and all sorts of other stuff that help to strengthen and grow your hair and keep your hair healthy. A good few years ago my sister was suffering terrible hair loss coz of stress and had to have her cut very very short, she started to take multivitamins for hair and her hair grew back really nicely!...

i think sea kelp is also supposed to be good for your hair.. and skin


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Lola, I think the others have answered most of your questions but if it helps, from what I gather, the main difference between LT and LL/CD is that there is no caunsellor and unlike LL not minimum time you have to sign up for. You seem to have less choice of flavours on LT. I love all the shakes and don't mind the peanut flapjack - it is handy for work coz I don't want them to know I am on LT - but I hated the soup in my first week and have not had it since. The key is to try them all and see what you think. It is also worth trying them all again after a while as your tastes change, though I haven't been brave enough to try the soup again!!!!!

Rules - 3 packs a day, 2L+ water, black coffee or leaf tea, tablet sweetener - nothing else!

You can buy 1 weeks worth at a time but my chemist lets me buy more if I think I'll have problems getting in on my WI day.

Good luck.