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NEW to lipotrim


I am Joanne mum of 2, i am 43 yrs old and think i had a midlife crisis a few weks ago either that or i woke up to what my life was!...i told my partner of 9 yrs we were over and started to regain some control over my life not ever having realised i had sort of given up on a life of my own and had just become a tool for everyone else to use within there lives for there needs. SOOO then i looked in the dreaded mirror all ready knowing i was fat and looked really looked..i didnt like what i saw it wasnt me as the person i know in my head i was frumpy and fat really fat...my hair was a mess nothing i saw i liked, so decided i needed now to do something before i waste another decade hiding and sitting in corners.

I just had my first lipotrim shake this am (29/9) it was okay not going to set the world on fire but i started that to me is main thing i have sucha long way to go at least a year i guess but at least i will get there. I am more than angry at myself for letting me get into this position but nothing and noone is going to stop me now, some model was chastised a few weeks back for saying "nothing tastes as good as slim feels" that is going to be my new mental telling off mantra..so anyhow here goes ground zero and the only was is up.

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Hi Joanne
Well done you for taking the first step in starting LT, if you stick to it, you'll see the pounds fall off and you'll never regret it. There's a great feeling you get when you see the lbs disappearing and YOU are responsible for it, nobody else, it's your achievement for your hard work. And this forum is fantastic for motivation. Everyone here is in a similar situation, all sick & tired of being fat and on the road to doing something about it. Best wishes on your journey - we're all on it, some of us are further along the path than others.


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Welcome to the forum and lots of luck on your LT journey :) xx
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Welcome Jo, and good luck...

The first week is the hardest, after that it does get easier, but in general it is a roller coaster ride.. Sometimes you will love the thrill (weigh in day especially), and other days it will seem an impossible task.

Either way, this forum is a god send.. People congratulate when you have done well, and inspire and egg you on when the going gets tough. x x


Here we go again!
Welcome Jo and good luck. Stick with LT 100% and you will lose all that you want to. You've taken the biggest step by just starting, stick with it and the time will fly by!
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Welcome Joanne and good luck. As I am sure you know this diet is hard, but you get big rewards. It a hell of a journey to take on your own, This Forum is my lifeline. It done LT last year for 23 weeks, and could never have done it with the help and support of everyone on this site. The same goes this time around too. The first week is the hardest the ketosis kick in and you have your first weigh in and you will feel amazing.

You've taken a massive step and welcome aboard the LT Train choo choo


Doing it exante style :)
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Hiya Jo and welcome :)

Like other people have said, the first weeks the hardest but after that i promise it gets easier :)
Good luck and make sure you log on here when times get hard xx
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Hi JoanneB

Firstly a massive well done to having the COURAGE to restart your life :clap:...that's the hardest bit. Now you can get on with the business of re-creating the new, real you...:wow:
I have restarted LT today, so we are more or less on the same page.
You are in the right place, this forum is amazing...real girl power and the guys are extremely supportive as well!
Good luck...looking forward to your posts!


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Welcome!!!! What a moving post! so proud of you for everything you have done so far. you have been so brave- it is very hard to leave after 9 years.its one thing to want change in your life- but you've actually pushed yourself and are on the way to getting it!!!!

As everyone says below, there are ups and downs along the day but just remember not to let the downs get to you and come on here in a few months. you will get a really great loss the first week and that will spur you on. they say we loose 1stone a month but you will prob loose more in your first month because of your big first loss. in a few months your ex could prob walk past you on the st without recognising you. check out some of the before and after pics- theyre amazing. and you'll be up there in no time too!!!

best of luck and we're all here if you need us. xxx

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