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new to lipotrim

hello everyone
im starting Lipotrim for the first time tommorrow. it was reccommended by my sister whos lost two stone so far on it and she looks brilliant.

im a bit nervous as shes told me its really hard not to eat and not cheat in the begining. ive tried every diet going and failed. i bought my shakes, any advice on them?
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Get glugging the water. You are aware it will be tough so when it happens just push through it. Lots of early nights and long soaks in the bath and you'll be fine. Once you make it to the first weigh in there will be no stopping you.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

thanks for that
i was wondering ive already had breakfast and lunch today is it worth me starting the diet for my next meal and drinking the 2 litres of water or shall i wait for tommorrow?
Welcome... I can only agree with Shazpaz drink pleanty of water and keep yourself busy. let us know how you get on with your first weigh in.. How much do you want to lose? x


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hi welcome, well done for making a step to start, my friend got me started and i don't regret it one bit, stick around this site and read everything, theres alot of great people here and sucess stories,
the first week is hard, but it get so easy after that....its all about getting rid of your bad habits..

all the best this week and look forward to reading your first weigh in next monday


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thanks for that
i was wondering ive already had breakfast and lunch today is it worth me starting the diet for my next meal and drinking the 2 litres of water or shall i wait for tommorrow?
Have you been weighed? If so then I see no reason why you cannot start now. I always say...no time like the present.

I prefer my shakes made up with more water then stated...about 12oz instead of 8oz....that gets a bit more fluid down you too.
hi guys
thanks for your posts so far. i found this website looking up lipotrim and im glad ive found it.
cuddilyfairy i really want to loose 1 stone and 6pounds but my mini goal is to loose 9 pounds.
shazpaz im going to have my very first shake this evening and start drinking the water. ive bought one 2 litre bottle of water and thought each day ill keep refilling it so i know what im drinking.


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Hi Plutino, Welcome to the forum..And good luck with Lipotrim :):)


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welcome and my advice is: drink drink drink, sleep sleep sleep, shake shake shake...

then wi and see fat melt away!

dont give up when it gets hard, come on here instead!

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Welcome to our happy little family and good luck on your first day hun!


on the up lol
heya and welcome :)


I will do this!!!
Hey welcome! about your sister saying its hard not to eat or cheat in the beginning is completely down to you. Iv had no problems iv not considered cheating because i know i want to lose the weight more than eat. So its only you that can make this hard on yourself. Make sure your in the right frame of mind before starting. Any problems or questions come straight on here and everyone will be happy to help, they're all lovely on here and sooooo inspirational!! :)
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Hello and welcome to the friendliest forum and the best diet going.

Your sister is right that the first week can be the hardest but just keep remembering why you are doing this and how brilliant you will feel when you go to your first WI.

The advice above is excellent and very useful. Another way to get through the first week is to promise yourself a little treat for lasting the 7 days, like some bubble bath, a face mask, new lippy, good book and buy it on your way home from your WI.

Good luck and pop on here whenever you need to as there is always someone around to help you.

hi everyone
tanks for the inspiration. im kind of looking forward to getting into the diet properly. ive been trying to drink water this evening to get used to it. ill keep coming on here to keep me going
thanks guys

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