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I have been on Lipotrim for nearly seven weeks. I have enjoyed the diet and has been very easy to follow. Doing very well.:)Last saturday went on to the re-feed system and did well again however this saturday I had a bad day, I ate a few chocs and a couple of biscuits which has made me feel quite bad after eating them after doing very well and not cheating. Now i have ruined it. Can anyone tell me if i have by doing this thanks?:cry:
:chores016:starting weight 16st 1.5
week one 15st 9lb lost 6.5lb
week two 15st 5.5 lost 3.5lb
week three 15st 1.5 lost 4lb
week four 14st 11.5 lost 4lb
week five 14st 5.5 lost 6lbs re-feed
week six 14.3.5 lost 2lb

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Hi racksim, not really sure what you mean by have you ruined it. Can you tell us a bit more about what your plan was, why you were refeeding? If you have followed the refeed for a full week before your biscuits then you should have already brought your body our of ketosis slowly, without putting anything much on weight wise.

I wouldn't panic too much, its done now and whatever the result it won't ruin everything cos you won't put all your weight back on over a couple of biscuits. What is important now is to be clear what your plan is, draw a line under your plurge and get on with it. It will probably make you feel a bit hungrier and have some sugar cravings but if you resist it will pass quite quickly.

By the way welcome to the forum and congrats on your achievements x



Thankyou for your reply. I had a special meal to go to so i got advised to do re-feed the week before my meal. I am now on the maintenance till after christmas. I will then go back on the TFR till i get to my target weight