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New to LL

Hi all Lighter Lifer's I'm going to a LL information evening tonight. Hoping this is for me, and that the meetings are not going to be too far from me as I don't drive. Did CD about 18mths ago, lost 5st and have put most of the weight back on. Why I don't know except to say I have a terrible relationship with food. So I think the counselling sessions with LL will really benefit me. Have most of you found them helpful and what are the shakes and bars like? Could anyone post a product list for me, thank you?

Looking forward to joining the LL club and start my long journey back to slimdom. :)
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:cool:Hi Red, I'm just coming up to my 100 days and I can honestly say this is the best thing I have ever done. I went along to the initial meeting, and had to wait 2 weeks until I started - I couldn't wait! It is amazing to see the weight come off so quick, I started on 5th June at 18 stone 1, and as of today I'm 13 stone 11. I've gone from a size 24 top and 22 bottom to a size 18 all over.

To be honest, I didn't think I had a warped relationship with food, I just thought I was a greedy mare who enjoyed it too much! But, the LL counsellor is great, and when I was about 3 weeks in, it was a lightbulb moment, I can now see that it was all about childhood for me ("you have to eat that, people are starving in Biafra!") - BIAFRA??!! Does that even exist??!!! And the old favorite, "I've worked hard to put that food on the table, so you need to eat it" - I can see that I do exactly the same to my hubby, I couldn't bear it when he left food on his plate, and last night, I scraped the reamins of his dinner into the bin instead of into me!!;)

So yes, I think the counselling is brilliant, it's 90 % of the journey, the weight loss is the other 5 % - and I never thought I'd hear myself saying THAT!!!:cool:

So good luck, start necking the water, and keep coming on here, some of the stories are totally inspirational, and the support you get is amazing!!!:gen126: