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New to LT

Hi Vicki
I'm starting on Tuesday and feel very motivated. My friend has done Lipotrim and lost an amazing 8 stone and she looks fantastic. I feel I need some support and this Forum is great:) Have you done Lipotrim before?:):p


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Welcome you just have to stick out:p:p the first week which is hard, after that its much easier, I weighed 12:9 when I started 3 weeks ago and now weigh 11:8 so its worth it but really have to be disciplined.
no ive never done this before, done most other diets and nevr stick them out hence why im here lol
Ive recently had a baby and my biggest craving is milk and still is, that will be my hardest things as i dont eat much during day just milk, so if i can give up milk i know i wont miss food.
good luck caterpillargirl and keep in contact be nice to see how we both do
Hey good luck to you too and we can do this. I have tried it before and stopped as I was going on holiday but I want to do it properly this time and I will:p:p I think once you are in ketosis then you start to feel good. I'm still not sure how to use this forum as I've never been on one before but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.
I'm going on holiday at the end of July and keep thinking of how I will feel in the sun and want to be nice and slim haha- so here we go...........water shakes soup water shakes soup yummmmm and watch the weight drop off:):)
Welcome Vicki and catterpillergirl, glad to see you have both decided to join LT.

Yes Joy is right you do have to be diciplined, I found it quite easy to stick to but I did motivate myself for 3 months before joining, so maybe that helped.

Good luck and keep us posted with your progress xxx


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Welcome Vicki,

Wishing you luck in your goal weight. It should be do-able in 8 weeks.

Are you all organised for your wedding ?
Thanks Nikita10
I will be disciplined and am very determined to do this as I'be been overweight for too long and there comes a time when you really have to lose the weight. I've had a taster of 3 weeks of doing Lt so sort of know what I'm letting myself in for and I know it'll be a struggle at first but it will be worth it.
My hubby just showed me a pic of me when I was slimmer - about 10 years ago and I didn't realize just how much weight I've piled on.
Vicki you will def lose your weight for your wedding and what a great goal ahead for you.


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Welcome! I've found the support here invaluable. I was reading the posts before joining in. It feels like a big happy supportive group and you'll get loads of help and ideas from people who are further down the track. Keep posting and let us know how you get on.
Hello & welcome to the both of you.
Good luck for your first week, you will find the 1st week hardest but the results from your first WI will make it all worthwile.

I am new to the forum too joined on tuesday have my first weigh in in a couple of days. Have had a sneaky look on the scales already and they are showing a difference. Its not a diet for the weak but theres great support on here that has stopped me from cheating which I am sure I would have already if it wasnt for the people on here x
Welcome to lipotrim Im on day 3..all going ok so far... I get married in 8 months ...
Goodluck on your weight loss journey


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Welcome to both of you!

Vik you should have no problem losing your 24lbs in 8 weeks and have time for a refeed too! All the best! x


Here we go again!
Hi to both of you and welcome! This is the best diet ever (in my opinion) if you stick with it. Come on here for support cos everyone is so helpful and encouraging. Most of us wouldn't have got this far without everyone's support. Good luck and I look forward to reading your first weigh in results!