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New to minimins and returner to Cambridge lol

Hey all

I did Cambridge last year and list 5 stone now back on it again as have put on a stone and a half and can't fit in my clothes :-(

But this time on it with the hubby as he's got weight to lose too

So we have been on it 2 weeks now and in total he has lost 1 stone 2 pounds and I have lost 10 pounds and have another stone to go!! Hopefully I can keep it off this time!!!

How is everyone doing

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Wow that's amazing to lose so much...I start this week. I have never done cd before...I've tried everything else though so really hope I do well on this. Good luck!
Hey you will Deffo loose weight on cd best diet I have ever done I have tried everything from slimming world Atkins slim fast weight watchers and nothing worked for me but this does x what plan you starting on x
Hi, I'm starting on 1000 calories as BMI over 40 but my CDC has agreed that it can be liquid only with milk so I can resist the temptation of food. I've got too big goals, getting married and having a baby after...getting married in august 2012 and need to lose at 10 stone by then. How is your husband finding it first time round?
You'll still get a great weight loss with 1000 I take it when you bmi lowers you will then start on the lower plans??
Awwww congratulations :-D bet your so excited for the big day x I got married in July this year and it few by so fast!!! You will Deffo hit your target of 10 stone by then :) x I'm sure you will reach your goals :) x
He is finding it okay which I find odd as he loves his food more than me lol!!! But I think he is motivated by the fact he doesn't want to be the way he is any more so fingers crossed it will all be smooth sailing for him xxx
Yes will go to the lower plans once I'm losing...I just hope that my doctor is fine and signs the form. I love my food too so nice to hear that your hubby is going well. Wishing you both good luck...keep me posted on how you too...hope you don't mind me keeping you posted? Might need some motivation too! X
That's cool :) I'm sure your doctor will be fine :-D x thank you and wishing you all the luck and motivation :-D x I know it's do hard especially when food and drink is everywhere you go!!! :-( its like it's there to torture you !!!
I will Deffo keep you posted and of course let me know how your doing :-D we can motivate each other xxx
Hey x that is fantastic 8lbs you must be so chuffed!!! Im over the moon for you x I've been doing okay had my 4th weigh in on sat just gone and lost 1stone but now not getting weighed for 2 weeks as my cd woman is going away next weekend :-(
How have you been finding it?? Xxx
I've been finding it ok...I'm not going to get to ketosis on 1000 cals but hope that the plan I am on now will make it easier when I lose a bit more and start on lower plans. Although its hard not eating, once you get your head round that, it's really quite easy. Especially not having to think about what you can and cant eat. Well done on your weight loss...that's really good. You must be really happy!x
Don't worry about ketosis for now your loosing and that's the main thing :) x and in a few weeks you'll be on the lower plans :) x
Yea I'm chuffed with the loss just wish I would wake up and be where I want to be I know it's not going to happen like that but I can dream lol :) x
Can't believe it's only 6 weeks until Xmas I've only just started my shopping !!! What makes it worse is my sister is on the 12th and my brother on Xmas day !!! Have you started your Xmas shopping yet??
I was thinking of ordering a dress tonight for my Christmas do from asos but worried I might look weird in one :-S see how I feel tomorrow lol!!
Are you taking any time off from the diet over Xmas??

I know Xmas is literally just around the corner and the closer we get the closer I am to my wedding! It's going so quickly...if I can lose two stone by xmas, I think I will have a meal on Xmas day. How about you? God you've got an expensive time of year with birthdays too! I haven't started yet but we have a hotel booked in kent at the beginning of dec so will try and get it all done in one go instead x
It is crazy!!! How quickly time is flying can't believe we have almost finished another year!!!
I'm sure you'll get to the loss by Xmas !! :) I know you must be well excited now time must be flying by for your wedding have you started planning and booking?
I got married this year in July and it went so quick !!!
Lmao!!! Me too that's why I've always tried to hide away from them the hubby said last night why not try slimming pants :-O lol!! Cheeky sod!!!
Your going to Kent is that for Xmas then or just a small holiday??

We are just going for a couple of days away to shop at bluewater and get all Xmas shopping done in one go. Might pop to London too. Hopefully I will have good news to report later...x

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