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New to minimins

Dear Diary,

Although I am 10 weeks into Cambridge I am a brand new to minimins. After having a look through this week for a bit of advice when I ate a crisp ;) I thought I would give it a go.

Even though i have lost so much weight in such a short space of time, i can't help but feel like i miss food :mad:. Although the food i dream about eating again now is healthier and better for me.

I knew i was a big girl but can't really say i was unhappy until it came to having to wear something nice. Unlike so many others,there wasn't any one crucial point where i said right... this weight has to come off and come off now, there were several. Some people think i'm a bit strange... "she can't possibly be happy when she's that big!". I was very lucky though.. i had very few illnesses that went along with my obesity and as a smoker as well, could still get around walking and being what i thought was normal. I am engaged with a wonderful partner and supportive family and friends...How can you not be happy when you have all of that no matter what size you are.. It took me weeks to decide, but after a friend recommended Cambridge i thought... what the heck lets give it a whirl. I couldn't have made a better decision.

My first week was relatively painless... not at all what i was expecting. The hunger was always there and still is to a certain extent, but hey... as my friend once told me, "you have to make hunger your friend, because it will let you know that its working"

Day 5 was the worst... emotional, teary, angry, hungry and admittedly slightly bitter, but after a good chat with family and friends i was back to normal the next day.

There have been some trials and tribulations along the way so far... particularly with the bowel movements!! I developed IBS prior to dieting and was used to going to the loo frequently... i was not expecting loo breaks once every few days, that was a revelation!

I found that the busier I kept myself... the less I thought about it to be honest. I created a "wall" of motivation where I got A3 bits of paper and stuck on pictures of all the clothes I want to buy when i am finished and did a progress chart, which just looks like a giant test tube, going up to 8 and a half stone and after every week i colour it in to show how far i have come... i don't want to get complacent.

The best part is now... its a routine, everyone is used to my shakes and soups throughout the day at work, so there aren't as many questions... its just second nature. The girls at work have tried to book our xmas get togethers at Nandos, as they are very good when you need to specify what you eat. I feel like I fit in again which is great. Myself and a colleague received an e-amil which was full of priase so our manager decided to give us a reward... funny how those rewards always end up being food or drink related isn't it...when i was asked what i would like... i said "just get me a really nice notebook" which i now use as my own personal recipe book which i created with magazine clippings of recipes and such...again keeps me busy=keeps my mind off it.

Looking forward to next week as I am going to prepare my Xmas meal plan, which is going to include some CD bars which I have not had the pleasure of using up to now. :D

Love, support and hugs from

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Well done you are doing so well! You have spurred me on too! Ive already super imposed my head onto a slim model and stuck it on the fridge! Im having christmas day off then back on the wagon so to speak. Someone said something really useful to me which was that food will still be there for me to enjoy when im slim and that I have to get to my target weight first. Its helped me focus xxx keep up the brilliant effort. Your a star x
Hi sammy46
Great to see you here; I have been using the forum for a over a week now and it has definitely helped me keep to the CD plan...
Excited to read about your future!!!
Love Cx

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