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  1. Zizzy

    Zizzy New Member

    Hi Folks :)

    I'm pretty new to this pro points malarkey. I gave it a little go before Christmas but just couldn't seem to stick to it as I lacked inspiration for the food.
    Any pointers, tips, words of encouragement and words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated! I'm here for the long haul so hoping to make a few friends along the way too!

    Thanks guys :)
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  3. vgstar44

    vgstar44 Full Member

    Hello :smiley:

    Lots of good ideas and recipes under the recipe section with pics also is your ever stuck with dinners ect. Be warned not to look when hungry tho lol
  4. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    Welcome, you will get the hang of it pretty quicky as was said already there is some really good recipes in section that can give you ideas, i find it best if just before shopping i make a plan of what i am eating each day for week and also buy few snacks for myself just so i dont feel deprived. So you have everything you need in the house so you wont get tempted along the way.

    Good luck with it and if you have any other questions ask away
  5. bessie84

    bessie84 Silver Member

    been at this weight watchers lark just over 2 years now, i still find it hard now. deffo do a shopping list and dont go shopping when ya hungry... sets you up for a fall. dont give up when you have a blip - pick ya self back up and get back on it. id also say, track everyday, keep a diary of what you eat everyday, it keeps you on track and you can also look back on it.

    theres been weeks when ive totally gone off plan, gaining upto 5-7/8lbs in a week, but always got back on it and got back on track.... it REALLY WORKS, i wont ever do another diet again. love WW x good luck x
  6. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Full Member

    Hi I'm in this time a lifestyle change Hun so hoping to stick with it for love the fact you can still treat yourself as long as you count. Are you just at maintaining now?
  7. bessie84

    bessie84 Silver Member

    yes, go up n down each month, but its all good fun :) lol.

    keep going, you'll get there. it definately works :) x
  8. welshcwtch

    welshcwtch Full Member

    Thank you I'm trying Hun x

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