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New to RTM-Advice Please!


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Hi All,

I have been doing LL for coming on to 7 months now, unfortunately due to feeling fainty, headaches and a bit of blurred vision, my LLC told me to stop and start on RTM. I am going to get weighed tonight after 3 weeks and i think that I still have approx 2 st to still lose.

I want to lose as much as possible on RTM, even if its a stone! Please can anyone give advice on what to eat- as i only started yesterday!

I will read all the threads on here, later on today. Last night I ate 1 piece of bonless and skinless chicken, boiled with pepper.

I will be seeing my LLC tonight (however she has only provided me with 2 counselling sessions in the 7 months I have been doing this and also said that she doesn't have the RTM book for the 1st few weeks. She is also going to stop being a LLC soon, so I don't think she will bother.

Does anyone have a copy of the 1st few weeks that can be emailed to me at all please?
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she isn't very good is she?
Has she given you the login for the management part of the LL site? That has all the meal plans on it and the recipe books. Then all you will need the book for is the counselling and activities although there is a fair bit of it on the site too, if she can't set up you yet then I can email you the first couple of weeks to get you going if you pm me your email address.


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Hey Ali, thank you! I don't have any details, no membership number of anything! Pls email me the detaisl, woudl appreacite it! will message you now! You look fab by the way! I will be coming to you for advice, thank you :) Look forward to recieving your email :)

Deb G

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You can get it all on the website if you have your member number - and if you don't, then contact LL to get it. I use the website at work if I'm ordering my Tesco shopping and need to know what I have to order for the following week.


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your member number should be in the front of your weigh in record book, but you still need the LLC to set it up beforehand, unfortunately.
Anyway, you have most of what you need now for the next couple of weeks.


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Thank you Deb and Ali, appreciate it :). Yes Ali, my LLC has never ever provided me with teh Membership number. I asked her the other day and she said she would get back to me, still haven't heard, will ask her again!


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Slim, can i ask about your feeling faint/dizziness?

Why did your LLC recommend RTM early? I fainted today and am quite worried it might be due to the diet :confused:
Hey TG, cos i was suffering from it constantly , constant dizzy spells, headaches, low BP and my LLC said that one of her ex Lighterlifer ended up in hospital! Don't take any risks, find out ok!

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