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New to Slimming World! Am I doing this right?

Hi there

I am new to the slimming world diet I have brought the books off ebay as I dont really have the money to pay for a membership each week. I am looking to lose about 2 stone I find it really difficult to lose weight and I really hope that I'm doing the diet right. What do you think my first days food intake looks like?


Heathly A
250 milk

Healthy B
Cod fish without batter

egg salad
Slimming World chips
Muller Yogurt

1.5 Thousand island salad dressing
2 2tsb ketchup
2 Butter
2 options chocolate drink

Do you think I am doing the diet properly? Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you :)
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I want to be fitter again
Make sure the books you have purchased have been published this year becuase things change frequently. One minute a cereal bar is ok next they have added butter and it's 6 million syns lol. Looks ok but don't forget to weigh and measure your healthy B options. I would also suggest you have more carbs. How about some pasta with your egg salad. good luck and welcome to the forum
Hi There

Thank you for your reply.

The books were for this year thankfully, I'm planning to just use my milk healthy option in tea and coffee so I dont think that I will use all the 250ml but then again it it all adds up doesnt it. I also do need to get into the habit of weighing my healthy extras as I haven't done that today :p I've got a feeling that i'm going to find this quite hard as i'm craving for fatty food already and its only been a day! :rolleyes: lol I need more will power ! :D


I want to be fitter again
Make some more chips !! and as you have an A left put 28gms of grated cheese on them. most people who don't loose weight have not measured their Bs When you do you will be surpised how small a 28gm portion of Ready Brek is and how much 142 gms of cod is. x
sounds like a great menu :) i think you're doing really well - and once you get into the swing of it you'll find it a lot easier to make it a part of your everyday life without even thinking about it :)

well done, and good luck! :D xx
I would defintely weigh things out though Hun...you could be going over on your syns by "guesstimating" and your weight loss will be effected.

The meal plan looks good though, just feel that you should be hungry as you are on a "diet" though - SW is NOT a diet. Fill up on more fruit and veg too.

Good luck!


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi and welcome, good luck with your weightloss journey. I agree with what others have said about the weighing of healthy extras etc. xx
LOL Yes I was thinking about having weetabix instead, sounds like a good idea that! Thank you for your replies.

Tonight I've had a slimming world fry up :) and everyone keeps saying to me ''You wont lose weight on that diet!'' LOL I'm going to look so silly now if I dont :eek: LOL X

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