New to Slimming World - April Fools?


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Morning, I am a newbie to SW, well I say new, I mean this year !!! But this time, this time I have to do it..Im fed up of being fat...I want to go to a shop and pick up clothes that I want to wear not the ones I have to wear cos they are the only ones that fit. I decided when going to get measured for new bras (40 inch back????) that now is the time to REALLY do something about it. Ive had enough, I was humiliated when the woman said "I make that a 40 inch back" I felt like I was 83 nevermind 33 and whilst being 83 is great, Im not ready to feel like that - not yet anyway!

So here we go again. Although the joke has to be I started SW on April Fools!! But this time I wont be the fool!

I stumbled across this website as I googled weightwatchers bread to see if it was free on HE B - the advise and content on here looked great hence why I have joined today.

Any advise or help you can share with me I would be very grateful for. I seem to fail when i loose weight and become complacent and fall back into my old habits...I push my luck into eating a few more treats and still manage to lose weight and then before you know it Im back into my old habits.

Grrrr! I get really mad with myself and actually if Im honest a wee bit down.

This time however I am determined.

Scoobie x:eek:
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Hi Hun

subscribing to your diary :)

I too am a bit of a newbie (2nd time around for me too after falling in tremendous style off the SW wagon a year ago & gaining the 3 stone I lost + an extra 1.5 stone :eek:)

Just finished week 2 & feeling motivated to try for another good week.......this site really is good for getting help to keep you focussed!

Advice from me - write down EVERYTHING that you eat in your diary on here (even if it means fessing up to any naughtiness) it does help to do that xx


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Okay so here we are in day 3 of the new diary and I dont feel like an April fool - yet!

Last couple of nights have been difficult as my wee gran is really ill so we have been going to the hospital alot but ive stayed away from the bad food and instead reached for the grapes (if my gran wakes up she'll kill me, but the SW told me to reach for the free foods first!!!)

Last night I ate really late at 9pm but still went for free foods and super free foods. I made the eton mess SW style which was 6 syns and I enjoyed it guilt free as I thought that I deserved it, problem is that once I had started on the meringues and tried some sweet I didnt want to stop and I ate another 2 meringues, was mad at myself and tried to justify it with oh well its still under 15 syns which it is but still....I think Im better going cold chicken....and not having any sweets.

Today Ive been exceptionally good to make up for yesterday!

But tonight I had some soup all syn free and then reached for a mini twix (asda's own) or 3......I nearly had 4 but declined.

Im stopping now as shower and bed cos Im trying not to think about sweets.....they are the food of the devil!

Been tough today and I know the weekends are my toughest times....on the plus side though during the day Ive kept up the syn free food with lots of fruit and veg and Im trying to stay focused on Monday big weigh in - I want to lose weight more than eat sweets so I just need to keep that in my head.

Tomorrow is another day.

Thanks to Constantlydizzy for the great advise about writing it all down, its really really helped!

Scooby :eek:


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can someone tell me how to subscribe to diaries - techNOphobe!

hey hun,
Ive left you a message on my diary about subscribing to diaries. click on my name above the avatar in the top corner and then recent posts will come can then find it from there:)

Really glad you are getting into the swing of things, don't go cold turkey on foods & deprive yourself chick....this is when you are more likely to cave in & go totally off plan. Thats the reason we are given syns :) to enjoy lifes little treats but still keep us in check;)

You had your eton mess.....really enjoyed it....then had some more meringues....SO WHAT!!!!!:D:D it was within your syn allowance wasnt it. Some people choose to use their full syn allowance on things like cheese or bread (now that probably doesn't seem so bad huh?) well I have a terrible sweet poison of choice EVERYday is a kitkat at 5.5 syns at my 8pm choccie time(life would not be worth living without this lol) and depending how I feel I may use the rest of my syns on some sort of stir fry sauce for cooking with OR ANOTHER KIT KAT!!!!!!!!!!!:silly: (occasionally I might be really daring & have a bacardi & coke:eek:)

I guess what I'm saying is, if you start out depriving yourself & wearing a straight jacket then the pLANn will soon get very tedious & difficult to fit into a normal life. xxxx