New to SW and have a major sweet tooth !


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My favourite ATM:

1 large merigue nest, crumbled up - 2.5 syns
handful of frozen raspberries - free
0% Greek yogurt (Total) - free
1 tsp honey - 1 syn (or you could use sweetner)

I mix the honey in the yogurt and then assemble everything like Eaton mess. Since the raspberries are frozen, it makes the yougurt taste like ice cream!

Might have to have one now! :)


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A pot of yogurt, any flavour you like, or a bowl of natural yogurt. Then mix in some Highlights dark chocolate powder(or any other flavour). Makes a scrummy chocolate mousse style dessert.

Or you can use quark instead of yog.

You can enjoy these choccy treats with or without extra fruit. Chopped up orange goes nicely with dark chocolate. And so do mixed berries - lush!


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I find that Alpen Light Bars which 2 count as a Healthy Extra B are a great sweet treat for my cravings and they come in some really YUMMY flavours!:)


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When I started I didn't eat chocolate for 2 weeks. Not because I was trying not to but because I stopped craving it. I do only green days and the carbs in all the pasta and potatoes seemed to have quashed my sweet cravings