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New to SW - nervous!

Hi guys I'm a lil nervy about this wednesday, as ive decided to go to SW!

I joined WW 8 month ago, I didn't get the new pro points at all.

2 years ago I was 151lb now I'm a huge 247 I put this weight on in a year due to depression. I stayed the same since I became pregnant but lost the baby at 11 weeks.

I'm really nervous about walking into the group, when u first started did u just walk in? What did u have to do? Any info would be great! :D
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Hi Bobsie, I totally understand where you're coming from I had two miscarriages when I was in my 20's and had the subsequent depression and my weight piled on too. I have done many diets in my time but find that slimming world has had the best results for me and its so easy to fit into your life the three plans red,green and extra easy are great. Theres no need to be nervous theres always a warm welcome at slimming world and everyones friendly and helpful. I am confident that if you go along on Wednesday you will feel so much better for it and you'll wonder what you worried about.x


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Hiya bobsie :)

Basically, yes, I walked into my local group (I got there a few minutes earlier hoping that it was quiet). My consultant greeted me, and another woman who was also new, and took us to the table that had the forms. Another newbie turned up a few minutes later.

I filled out the form and Julie (my C) gave me a pack, which had a book (I think it's the food optimising book) that has all the info you need about your food etc. in the back it's your "log" section. They fill out your name, and info for the SW website (the consultant will explain that to you). And I went to get weighed.

I spoke to the woman who took the money, who took my form and my membership fee (which at the time was half price (so £5)....there is always an offer on it seems, either half price membership or a free week.

Anyhoo- then I went to the woman who did the weighing. she took the book, filled out the date, etcetc and asked me to pop on the scales.

Now- one thing to note- there are only 3 people who know what your weight is - the consultant, the person doing the weighing, and you. It's not read out in group and there is no humiliation at all.

So- anyway- after I got weighed, I went back to where I was sitting, and Julie went through the new member chat- which is basically going through what SW is all about. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes I think.

After that, we waited until group started.

In our group, Julie introduces the new members (just saying "welcome to X,Y,Z to the group" *clapclap*). Then goes through the weight losses for the evening. She only mentions people who stay for image therapy. If you lose, she says "X has lost __ so far and __ this week" *clap clap* (always claps- get used to the clapping, lol). If someone gains, she doesn't say by how much (unless its half a pound or something)

While going around the room, she asks people either what they've eaten in the week or if she had a certain item (like chicken,like last week) what would someone do with it to make a tasty meal (great recipe ideas sometimes!!)

Then she announces the slimmer of the week (and slimmer of the month if its the end of the month). that person gets a certificate, a pretty magnet and the fruit bowl (people are asked to bring a piece of fruit or a syn free/low syn item and put it in the basket for slimmer of the week)

Image therapy is great, there are sometimes some great recipe ideas, and information on new offers on SW friendly foods, or info on syn values of stuff.

All groups are different- So the above is usually just what happens at ours.

But- don't be worried. I went to my first group and I weighed in at 22 1/2 stone. I was petrified about being the biggest...which I was. But everyone there is there for the same reason as you- they aren't there to point fingers and judge.

Hope this has helped some- I do have a tendency to drone on a bit lol.

Best of luck at your first group!!!



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Welcome bobsie and I am very sorry for your loss:hug99:

The one thing about going to an SW group is that they are very welcoming and friendly and I am sure you will not be the only newbie joining...you will be taken aside with other newbies and the SW programme will be explained to you. It is a very relaxed gathering and at most classes if not all you can help yourself to a cup of tea/coffee.

Good luck with SW
Awww thanks guys :D you've made me feel better, I can't wait to go! I deffo need the motivation of a group it also gets me out of the house and meet people.

You really have made me happy thank you so much. I don't 100% get the diet types but I'm sure I'll get it!


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Awww thanks guys :D you've made me feel better, I can't wait to go! I deffo need the motivation of a group it also gets me out of the house and meet people.

You really have made me happy thank you so much. I don't 100% get the diet types but I'm sure I'll get it!

I needed the motivation and the support from a group. Best thing I can advise is stay for image therapy as often as you can- every week until the end if possible.

It's helped with my confidence a lot. I've always been loud and boisterous- but I've never really talked about me and if i'm struggling. I'm starting to get there, because of the encouragement and love I get from people in the group :)

Don't worry about not understanding the plans right away- it took me a month to *really* get into it and understand fully. Well, saying that, I'm still learning. But after a month or 2 I really got into it, and there's no looking back :)

Any questions- you can always ask here too :) I'm sure someone will know the answer!


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Welcome to the SW club!
Sorry for your loss, but from now on everything will look up, remember that everyone here has had that "first time" feeling but as others have said, don' worry we are a happy bunch and you will soon become part of the "family" I remember my 1st time, 1 man in a room with 50 women! but I soon got into the swing of it and have enjoyed every week of it and have lost over 5st as well!
Hello and welcome :)

I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost a baby this time last year and it's heart-breaking. I have struggled, sometimes daily, to come to terms with my loss and only now am I beginning to feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My OH and I have been trying for another baby since February and, as yet, have had no luck. We've decided to stop trying for a while so I can concentrate on being the healthiest I can be. I'm determined to shift this weight and have a healthy pregnancy, as well as being a slim bride in December next year.
Regarding the plan, I am coming to the end of my first week now (WI tonight!) and I have found it fairly easy. The only point at which I felt a little put out was when the rest of the family were tucking into warm, crusty bread with real butter and I had my 2 slices of wholemeal with laughing cow! That being said, I could have had it. I had enough syns; but I made a choice to go for the healthier option. Once I'd had a few minutes to mentally process the fact that it really was MY choice, I felt better. (I then rewarded myself in the evening with a 5.5 syn Chomp - much yummier than the bread would have been!)
I wish you lots of luck on your journey X


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Hi bobsie

Welcome and good luck with your journey!

Don't be nervous I'm sure everyone will welcome you. I joined SW earlier this year and I left group after 3 weeks and tried to go it alone needless to say I didn't do very well. I plucked up the courage to go back to my group and I too felt really nervous about what people would think. 21 weeks later I am almost at target.

I'm glad I ignored my mind talk, rejoining SW was the best thing i ever did x
Thanks everyone! I've just had my last "treat" some chicken nuggets with white bread and 3 chocs! ( which is what I usually have every day to be honest :( ) I've really got my head in gear about tomorrow, I havn't been on the scales for ..... 4 month so I could be alot heavier than I think I am!

I think what makes me sad the most is that I was fit and healthy 2 years ago! size 12 and happy(ish) and I let it all go because of my silly anxiety disorder which I go to CBT for now so this time is the last time I put weight on! ( unless I'm pregnant ) :)
Hi - good luck tomorrow. Not that you'll need any - I'm sure you'll meet lots of friendly and welcoming people.

When I started at a group I did give the consultant a call first just because I thought I'd feel better if I was 'expected' than turning up out of the blue, but it's certainly not necessary. Either way is fine.



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Good luck with your first group today! I'm sure this time next week you'll know all the syn values for your fav snacks and treats, and that you'll be coasting along!


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Good luck from me too :D

Hope it goes awesome!!!
Hello and welcome. I am sorry that you have had a sad loss and had a bad time :(
Good luck with SW it really is a fantastic eating plan and I know because I'm pants at dieting lol, but I can actually stick to this it fits in with daily life perfectly and I'm never hungry :)

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