New to SW with PCOS - Advice needed :)

Discussion in 'PCOS' started by sammi.alice, 23 August 2012 Social URL.

  1. sammi.alice

    sammi.alice Member

    Hi All,

    Just started slimming world on Monday (second attempt) and I have PCOS. I have struggled before to lose weight trying Weight watchers etc but after my Mum lost over 3st (and now my group leader) im giving SW ago.

    I looking for advice from other PCOS suffers for on exercise, diet and any other tips :)

    One thing in particular i have very big thighs. When i was 18 i sudden gained a lot of weight which resulted in a lot very horrible stretch marks on my legs. They have faded now but the skin is no longer tight and therefore my thighs are huge ( i mean rugby player size!!) Any tips on how to lose weight and tone this are in particular would help.

    I am doing extra easy and am also a veggie.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

    Sammi x
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  3. Cassiexox

    Cassiexox Member

    im doing SW too, had PCOS since i was 17 now 24... ive done SW before, lost 6 n half stone... put most bk doing it again in 7 weeks ive lost 28 n half pounds, Ive tried the rest but SW is the only one that seems to work for me, i tend to just have red or green days because thats what im use too, but good luck and keep a small goal, take 1 step at a time xxx
  4. echoshell

    echoshell Full Member

    Hi. I have PCOS too and have been doing sw for around 3 weeks now. I do extra easy most days and i have lost weight every week since far. I'm looking to lose 2 to 3 stone to hopefully ease PCOS symptoms.
    Has anyone got any tips?
  5. sammi.alice

    sammi.alice Member

    thanks Cassiexox - 281/2 in 7 weeks in amazing! well done!
  6. GingerSheep

    GingerSheep New Member

    Hi, I'm also doing SW with PCOS - I'm 18, and am also veggie! (Doing Green plan) Have lost 10.5lb in the past month, really by limiting the amount of syns I take every day to five and drinking loooooads of water. (Though we went out for dinner the other day and I had the most cheesy, delicious lasagne which was probably about 40 syns haha!)
  7. sammi.alice

    sammi.alice Member

    Hi Gingersheep, i did green diet before but really struggled with it (i dont drink milk/cheese) i find the extra easy so much easier to follow.

    Had my first weigh-in on Monday and i lost 5lb! Im soo chuffed :) Trying to aim for 2 this week so i can get my 1/2 stone award.

    I drink about 3-4 glasses of water a day, how much do you have? x
  8. kaynnate19

    kaynnate19 Full Member

    Hi, i have pcos and endometriosis as well as insulin resistance and this is my 3rd time back with sw and my weight has been up and down mainly due to stress and binging, but i know its not the plan its me! I find that when i can exercise the higher impact the better, i mainly do cardio such as the cross trainer but i have also found weights to be brilliant at toning and reshaping. I find with foods that potatoes bloat me out so i have to limit them and also i have to have lactose free milk because again it bloats me out and i get stomach cramps, does anyone else find they have to limit their potato intake? i find it really hard as i love spuds! lol x
  9. sweetdll

    sweetdll Full Member

    hi i'm new to slimming world and to pcos doctor is pretty sure i have it although still waiting on tests to confirm.
  10. joayeo

    joayeo Member

    I'm a veggie with PCOS. I just find my weight loss is slow, but not sure if that's the PCOS or just me? I try not to get disheartened when other people or losing 3/4lbs and its just a pound loss for me.....again!!! But I've started to jog this week so hopefully that'll speed things up....fingers crossed.
  11. georgiab88

    georgiab88 Full Member


    I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19 (now nearly 24), although I first went to the doctors about it at 15. I had many of the symptoms, but the doctor just brushed it off as me being ridiculous. If only she had diagnosed me then, I would have been prescribed metformin so so much earlier! I have lost 3st5.5lb to date with Slimming World. I usually stick to the extra easy plan, it is just so simple. I love that I can just eat and eat on it. I do lots of exercise too, I don't think I would ever have lost as much if I didn't. It is definitely worth doing. Since starting, I feel less lethargic every day, I don't need as much sleep and I am 100% happier.

    Stick with it, it will be worthwhile.

    G x
  12. LizB

    LizB Full Member

    I've got PCOS and have been diagnosed for nearly 5 years. I've been on slimming world before and lost just short of 2 stone. Its a great diet for us PCOSers and very flexible - good luck ladies!
  13. Squ1rrel

    Squ1rrel Full Member

    Good luck with Slimming World, I've chosen to follow a low GI diet so am hoping that works for me this time. I also have PCOS but was only diagnosed this year so now I realise why it was so difficult for me to lose weight on previous attempts!
    I am also with the OP on the big thighs - on the surface I actually carry my weight very well and people are often surprised to hear how heavy I am but if they could only see my huge legs under my clothes they'd probably understand!! I guess this will only go with exercise but I am concentrating on my diet first just so I get this right!!!
  14. LizB

    LizB Full Member

    I'm going to do the slimming world diet with low gi mixed in, which is fairly easy to do amongst all the plans. I have thunder thighs too I think it's to do with where pcos sufferers put on weight. I think the best thing is exercise. I used to do leg crunches at the gym which helped. If you do join the gym they will give you an induction and let you know what you need to do in order to achieve what you want.

    Hope this helps x
  15. tinkan

    tinkan Member

    How much can a person who is 14.7 stones with pcos expect to loose weekly on slimming world?
  16. kaynnate19

    kaynnate19 Full Member

    It varies tinkan from person to person, I've lost 11lb with ww but that stopped working for me and I went back to sw and have lost a 2lb but on both plans my weight has fluctuated but I want to add that I'm an emotional eater that sometimes binges and am on medication. So it really does vary from person to person, sorry I couldn't be of much help.

    Good luck on your journey, sw is a great plan.
  17. Misspiggy1990

    Misspiggy1990 New Member

    I found out i had polycystic ovaries through an ultrasound due to another condition. I am also 2nd time around with SW and LOVING IT. I feel really bonded to my group and dont want to leave! Lost 1st 3 so far about another 9 to go. Unfortunately the thigh skin problem will only get worse. My body is COVERED in stretch marks and the only thing that wil help with the skin is surgery which i need to start saving for. Do your group have a facebook page becausr seeing what people were doung through the week really motivated me. Please dont just get weighed & go cos youll really be missing out. I dont sleep so much now and ive started swimming. 1st itme i did it back in 2009 iy was a disaster. Weight just went up up up up up. I have to say the 'not so' monthlys have been greatly affected. They can last 2wks and some days i go to loo and it doesnt stop for an hour anda half. Not been to docs i know what they will say. I tried mini pill to help but had to get new trousers every 20mins! never again. The food is brill on SW you can usually find a syn free version of stuff you like apart from choclate
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  18. laurajm28

    laurajm28 Full Member

    I am so glad I found this thread! I hope your all still here and I'm not talking to myself!!
    I'm 26 I got told I had pcos when I was 13/14 yrs and started on diannette it worked great spots went hair almost went but weight went up!

    3 years ago I did Lighterlife and lost 3.5 stone was brilliant! Then my doctor wouldn't let me have diannette anymore said I'd been on it too long. Spots, hair, weight all back!! It's a nightmare!

    I'm now doing SW as I know if I Lose weight the other symptoms will go away!

    I have only had about 3 periods since I came off diannette 2 yrs ago so I am also hoping that weight loss will help this as we are going to be trying for a baby next year so I'm losing my weight ready so doctors can't use it as an excuse!!

    Don't know if everyone else finds this but my GP doesn't care! She's not bothered that I have no periods or I have acne or hair she just says nothing I can do until ttc!! She won't give me metformin either!! Grrrrr

    Anyway now iv told my life to strangers I hope you are all doing well with your weight loss I'm off to make sweet n sour chicken with a can of fanta - slimming world style!

    Laura xxx
  19. LizB

    LizB Full Member

    Hi Laura and welcome!

    With the metformin there is a lot of research now that shows unless you have insulin resistance metformin is pretty much useless to pcos sufferers. But I do understand your annoyance at your gp not taking a lot of interest. To be honest without the pill or other contraceptives there is not a lot they can do as they appear to be the only treatment of you aren't actively TTC. Luckily you are doing the right thing by trying to lose weight. If I was in your position I would try another gp hoping they will be a bit better at helping you out. Good luck and I hope the TTC journey doesn't take too long!

    Liz x

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  20. georgiab88

    georgiab88 Full Member

    I have been on metformin for 5 years now, and in all honesty, I don't believe it does much for me. I find it suppresses my appetite but on the flip side of that, I have at least one week a month where I get really ill from it. I guess its helped the weightloss though!

    I tried dianette and was really bad on it, same with microgynon and now I am on Cerazette (no periods for me :)) and it has been great. Since losing weight with S.W (3 1/2 stone to date) I have noticed a few things-

    1) Hair issue has got so so much better.
    2) I need less sleep
    3) I don't feel lethargic all day
    4) My body seems to have kick started my ovaries into working :eek:
    5) I don't have any of the joint issues I did before.

    So keep going, it is definitely worth it. I know what you mean about GP's too, my old doctor just did not want to diagnose me, but my new one is fab. She has put me on Spiralactone to help with the hair too, and given me cream. I do push her though, if she isnt telling me/giving me what I want, I will keep on till she does!

    Good luck ladies xxx
  21. Booboo89

    Booboo89 Member

    Hello :)

    I'm 22, and was diagnosed wth PCOS at 16, and have steadily increased my weight ever since. I don't blame PCOS, i blame my emotional dependency on food. It's sad but it's true, I eat when I'm happy/sad/bored/stressed/tired. I've just started slimming world (bought the book off my friend) and would really like someone in the same kind of situation as me to share my journey with. I'm setting myself little goals. 10KG by Christmas being the first. I have been doing Slimming world for 2 days, and it's so easy!!! I will be having my first weigh in tomorrow night at my mums (My house isn't posh enough for scales)

    If anyone fancies a buddy to chat to/share ideas/spill the beans to, I'm happy to help.

    Good luck to my fellow PCOS Posse!! x

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