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Extra Easy New to SW - worried!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Littlelolly, 4 September 2014 Social URL.

  1. Littlelolly

    Littlelolly New Member

    Hi All,

    im new to SW and to these boards. I'm seeking a bit of reassurance and motivation really, as I'm worried I'm not going to lose weight on this diet. Just a bit about me first, I have PCOS and I'm on antidepressant medication. I really need to lose weight to start fertility treatment again as I have gained 2 stone since my first round of treatment. Part of that is due to my medication but mainly emotional eating. I have lost 3.5 stone in the past but that was when I was on WW and on the pill so my hormones we're not as whacky then.

    This is my very first week on SW, anyway I stupidly weighed myself this morning even though my group meeting is later this evening. My scales at home are 3 pounds lower than the ones at group and they show that I have stayed the same. I feel so down already and wondering whether I will ever lose weight. I have stuck to the EE plan 100% this week! wrote everything down etc. I also swim 50 lengths at least twice a week and being a teacher I have a job where I am not sitting down. I am feeling so disheartened at the moment as I know when I weigh in later I will either have stayed the same or lost half a pound! If this is how it will be it will take forever to get to where I need to be and as I am 38 my clock is ticking away. My next appointment is in November and I was hoping to have lost a stone by then but at this rate, I'm not sure!

    sorry to introduce myself on a downer but is there anyone else who has started off like this then gone on to have more successful losses?

    Thanks for reading xxxx
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  3. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Yes SW does work & don't be on a downer you've not had your official WI in yet!

    Do you have a diary on here we can look at?

    Take a look on here at the inspirational stories/pictures/diaries and you'll see that SW does work;)
  4. clokeybear

    clokeybear Full Member

    Little lolly - don't be down! It really really does work! I lost 1lb in my 2nd week and felt the same as you do now. I felt like even losing a lb a week it would take me FOREVER to get there. I was ready to give up but hubby persuaded me to stick at it and the following week I lost 6lbs. I really think it was a catch up and every so often it seems to go that way! Wait and see what the scales say later at your weigh in. Mine are sometimes a bit different from the official ones and then sometimes bang on which is a bit weird! Definitely hand your food diary in to your leader so they can see if there is anything to improve on! Also I was advised to up my super free and super speed intake and also to drink more water. You'll be seeing the lbs fly off soon - promise!! I really think it takes a few weeks to get into the stride of slimming world too - certainly did for me! Fingers crossed for you - let us know how it goes? x
  5. ikkle87

    ikkle87 Silver Member

    It really does work hunni. I know I'm back on the plan now and weigh more now than when I did it last time but I have only one ovary and have PCOS and last time I did the plan and stuck to it I lost 8 stone and am now mummy to a gorgeous wee boy who is nearly 2 who was conceived first month of trying after doctors told us we would more than likely need assistance.

    Stick at it, talk to you consultant, chat on here and throw those scales away!
  6. clokeybear

    clokeybear Full Member

    How did you do littlelolly?
  7. Littlelolly

    Littlelolly New Member

    Hi everyone, thanks so much for replying. I got myself in a right state. Ended up losing 1.5 pounds! If I can do that every week I will be happy. I am a tad nervous for this week though as on weigh day I had savaloy and chips in a tray, glass of wine. I did however get back in track the next day and only went over my syns by a half. I hope some exercise and staying on track for the rest of the week will help undo the savaloy and chips.
    i have also chucked my scales in the bin and will just wait for my weigh in each week, don't want that stress again.

    how are you all getting on this week?

  8. strawberry

    strawberry Getting slim for NYC

    Well done. 1.5lbs is brilliant. Just shows it does work :) xx
  9. S_J_B

    S_J_B Gold Member

    Well done & don't stress too much over the saveloy ;)
  10. ghostfairy

    ghostfairy Member

    Happy you lost. It is hard to feel confident at first (I'm guilty of that) but it does work, and I hope you carry on doing well.
  11. clokeybear

    clokeybear Full Member

    Well done on your loss! I really think it's difficult to get properly in your slimming world stride for a few weeks and to understand it fully even though it is quite simple. It just takes a while to get your head around it all! Just keep plugging away at it! And forget the saveloy - it's done - move on!!

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