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I have been doing xenical since monday, i have been exercising loads. Ive biked about 20 miles on the exercise bike these past four days and my diet has been good.
I cheated on the scales and weighed myself after 4 days and nothings change, is it not good to do this? or have i simply not lost anything? , also its totm when i started and still now. I just feel like ive put so much effort in and lost nothing :wave_cry:
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firstly, we are all guilty of a mid week weigh.... but you should stick to the same time each week wearing (or not wearing) the same thing...

during the time of the month, all us women have experienced higher than normal weight, or dont tend to lose much if any..

but as its only your first week, it could be any number of things... like you have turned fat into muscle, or your a little blocked up... (common starter problem, i had this)

im sure when things settle down you will be fine, stick with it... you will get there...

it sounds like you are doing the right thing, so you will be rewarded soon enough... dont lose heart.


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I think TOTM really throws us girlies off. Not only do you put on weight but you can retain water.

Also as Kes says you should weigh yourself at the same time. For example I'm normally 2lbs heavier in the evening in the morning and even throughout the week (cause I'm a total serial weighter!) I find that my weight fluctuates.


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As said pick a day and weigh yourself at the same time and wearing the same thing , I picked first thing Monday morning because it was a week since starting xenical.

Don't be dissheartened that you haven't lost anything but the girlies above will keep you right on totm and I'm sure you'll start losing soon.


Go on smile! =)
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Welcome :) Keep your chin up and you will start loosing in no time.


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keep battling on there are quite a few of us just joined n started this week! try to avoid weighing urself too much i can go up n down before u get ur accurate result after a week! dont get down about it. its a long road.


Hiya - I'm pretty new to this too, started on Monday and I've made similar mistakes, weighing myself all the time.

Was 3 and 3/4lbs lighter yesterday, and then 3lbs heavier today - what's that all about???!!!! haha.
You sound like you're doing everything right so please don't feel down... I think we need to make a pact to stop weighing ourselves! Wait until your first "official" weigh-in and hopefully you'll be happy with the result :)


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hows it going?