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new to the forum, new to xenical...


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Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice and support.
I've been given Xenical by my GP a week ago today. I'm currently 16st 5lb. I have PCOS, and have struggled with losing weight for years. (last year I went to slimming world and lost 11lb's in 6 months....
So, since last Feb, i've been on a health kick. I excercise at least 5 times a week, which includes 3 sessions of body pump and at least 2 gym sessions where i'm doing between 5-10k on the crosstrainer and burning upwards of 500cals per session.
As i said, I started taking Xenical last week, and my first weekly weigh in i've maintained my weight.
I cant begin to tell you how disheartened I feel. I've cut out the biccies and stuff in work (which i rarely eat at home) and really watched my fat intake. Has this happened to anyone else? As I said, historically it has taken a looooong time to lose weight. Whilst I havent really gained anything recently, its just not dropping.
Should I go back to my GP or carry on and see how it goes?

Many thanks for reading.

E x
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Hi and good luck with the xenical!! Dont give up yet, its only been a week. Some of the other girls i have spoken to on here have had the same problem in the first couple of weeks, they suffered alot from bloating, i seem to be one of the lucky ones so far, (hopefully i havent just jinxed myself) Your doing great with the exercise anyway, wish i could do as much as you!! :D Are you keeping to only 5g of fat per 100g? are you eating enough calories also? if you dont eat enough your body can go into starvation mode!!


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Thanks for replying. Dont think I'm going into starvation mode.
Breakfast is usually toast with boiled egg or beans, lunch cous cous with all the makings of a greek salad mixed through (including an ounce of feta cheese), usually some fruit, a low fat yogurt, maybe a pack of crisps (quavers). Dinner, 2/3's veg and some fish, chicken, meat, or pasta of some sort.
Wasn't sure about the 5g thing. Just was taking it that the pills and what i was eating was doing OK as I havent had any rumbly tummy probs, and only one "oil slick" which was the only thing my GP told me about!
Have been bloated a bit, but will keep an eye on it. Not sure what my menstrual cycle is, as due to the PCOS i'm very irregular, so not sure if i might be carrying some pre menstrual bloating. God knows!
Thanks again for getting back to me, will keep going with it, and try some low fat recipes.
E x

mrs a

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i just started on saturday so haven't had a weigh in yet :eek:

there is a zenical section where you can keep a diary and hopefully the more experienced members can keep us right.

i've not ate much this week - too scared of a bad doze of *****;)


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yeah, i'm the same, which is why i'm extra gutted that i stayed the same! x
If you stay with in the guidlines of the low fat you wont experience any bad side effects, theres loads of girls here who can give you advice!! theres a couple who also have pcos too, so they know how you feel!! I know that pcos can slow your weight loss down or make it harder to lose, but i am sure once you start losing then dont the symptoms of pcos get better? I hope so anyway!!
Hiya all newbies welcome aboard,

Firstly don't be disheartened if in the first couple of weeks you don't have a good loss...it takes time to get into your system :)
Make sure you know the amount of calories you should be eating to lose weight !!
Don't be frightened to eat as this will stop you losing weight !!
Drink plenty of water
This link explains a lot......Xenical - What is Xenical?

I would recommend you buy the Alli Diet Plan book which has lots of information and recipes in...its my bible :)
Alternatively you can go to How healthy works | alli if you join the programme you can then access some recipes (the book has more)

Whatever you do don't stress out as this can stop your weight loss ...

This isn't a diet its a lifestyle change to the new you...so its important you explore and enjoy recipes/foods as these are what you will be continuing to eat after you lose weight....
You can make your meals as interesting as you want and this is the way to not getting bored or feeling deprived...

I wish all of you the best of luck and don't feel afraid to ask anything we are all here to support each other

Just wanted to say hi and welcome :)

I had PCOS when i started at 14.4 last year... i'm now 10.4 ..
I went to get a blood test and a scan recently and all my cysts have cleared up :) ( i only had the cysts on the ovaries as a symptom)

So it does prove loosing the weight does help with it!

Started using xenicol today for the first time, i am 16 stone 2 and have achilles tendonitis, plantar facciitus and burstitus in both ankles which makes exercising very hard and i suffer after, but am determined to get to my goal of 10 stone 7. Good luck to you all in your journey
Hi and welcome :)

You will get to your goal i lost 4nhalf stone and i must admit at first i wasnt exercising like i am now which is my last stone (more stubborn)

But even if its light walks etc to get your started will give you the boost!

Wish you lots of luck :) xxx
Stephy, thats really great. congratulations on your weight loss. i've had PCOS for over 10 years and during that time, my weight has gone up and up then down then up! Feel like its a contstant battle. I have metformin, but have never felt any benefit from them. have registered on fitness pal, so will track my calories on that, and hope for better next week!

thanks again xx


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Hi ladies, welcome to forum!! Everyone on here is so happy to help with whatever problems we come across, I'd be lost without this site, particularly checking in on my lunch hours!!

All the very best for your weightlosses!!
Started using xenicol today for the first time, i am 16 stone 2 and have achilles tendonitis, plantar facciitus and burstitus in both ankles which makes exercising very hard and i suffer after, but am determined to get to my goal of 10 stone 7. Good luck to you all in your journey
Is it bursitis you have? i have that in my hip, and it can be a nuisance some times, i really want to workout but sometimes i wonder if the pain an d discomfort is worth it!!
Thanks zoso it is a constant battle but I feel like when you get to a point it starts to ease off .. As long as u keep trying it's all u can do xxx
yep, i'm trying alright. really have been watching every morsel.
really hoping that part of the reason i maintained, rather than dropping any weight is that its my time of the month. (first in 18 months, thanks to the PCOS). Also, in the gym today, I burned 1003 cals. I'm so chuffed with myself. Really resisting the temptation to eat something fattening to celebrate! Had a meringue with baked apple, strawberries and low fat natural yogurt, which seems to have taken the edge off!
Thanks again for your support, ladies xx
ooh, i'm just about to go shopping, will get some of them and give them a try.

thanks x
Hiya all,

well done Zoso for your workout at the gym....wtg :):)
Aww, thanks very much. I went again yesterday, though just to body pump, so that was just 500 cals burned.
I've got a few days off work and was out in town shopping with my bf yesterday, went for lunch..... (fish supper!!!). I guess I could have been worse. I ate about 2/3's of the chips and removed about 80% of the batter from the fish. Myfitnesspal shows the cals as around 689, and a whopping 24g fat. not sure how much this will change, given i didn't eat the batter. And to be fair, other than the bad lunch all i had yesterday was a salad last night so for the whole day i was still under. Oh well, back on track today.
I am the opposite Zoso thats why I won't eat battered fish.....I will eat all the batter and glady leave the fish lol

Today is another day start afresh :)

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