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New to the forum

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Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Hi Jo and welcome to a brilliant forum. You'll get the most fabulous support on here. Well done on your huge loss so far.

Now that you've joined us on here perhaps you could think of this as a fresh start for your next bit of weight to go. Set up a ticker so you can set yourself goals.

Again, well done so far, you're inspiring. xxx


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Welcome! I'm SURE you can get a second wind!! :D

Sounds like you've done Brilliantly! How have you done it? Why have you done it?

Thanks I'm sure I'll find inspiration from somewhere and if this will help then I'm gonna give it a go!

I have done it by CD and the first 2 weeks on SS then the rest on 810 and exersize only walking nothing more! fast walking though dogs love it!

why I did it was because I just kept getting bigger and size 24 was the last straw still size 18 now and really chuffed

why does food taste so.......good ?


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What I find really exciting about that is that you know that you can do it.. there are lots of people on here (including me..) who don't know yet that we have your stamina to do it... You have spent a long time choosing your health over and above eating.. you've had time working out that if hunger's isn't the problem, eating's not the answer... you'll soon be back on the horse, cause you have the stamina!

I guess we all find different things helpful.. check out:

Bring your Head Inside and your Body will Follow

..on the main minimins home page.. there'll be something on there that inspires you :)

it was somewhere on there I saw the thing about:

-picture how you will feel/look/think if you don't do what you want to do..

-picture how you will feel/look/think of you DO do what you want to do.. :D

Now: what do you want? What are the factors that are stopping you? what can you do about those things?

thanks so much

i do know the problem is why I eat and not the food itself

yes I have had stamina and I know I will get it back on track xx


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Welcome Jo
You have already proved you can do it by the fantastic weight loss you have had already.
What an inspiration you are !!
Good luck


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Hi Everyone

I'm new to the forum but not to CD I've been losing since Jan 7th and have lost 4 stone so far another 3.5 to go
I'm struggling at the moment and put on last week so been trying to get my head back to where it was 5 months ago!! has anyone else had the same experience?

Jo xx :copon:
Hi Jo, like you i have been on a while, although i have remained 100% thoughtout cd I have become bored with the diet, i have been trying keep momentum going lately too!!!! I still have a way to go not sure myself how to keep it up, I miss eating with family and friends, my little boys eating habits are going down the pan, have been wondering if by me not eating with him it has some effect on him, I really hope not.

My head is still into CD but my heart isnt, so for the moment head is staying in charge.:confused:

Good luck stay strong and lets get to goal.


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Hi Jo, just wanted to say a big welcome to the forum! :welcome:

This forum is absolutely amazing in finding support, inspiration and motivation to go on. I just love it :D.

A big congratulations to your weight loss! That's brilliant and very inspiring! I was wondering if you could give me some examples of what you have been eating on your 810 days? how does a day normally look like?

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