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"New" to this! ALSO starting tomorrow :)

I'm new to this forum and I'm also (re)starting tomorrow.
I did try this diet over a year ago but I wasn't very motivated and a lot of other things got in between. But this time I'm very hopeful, because there's a lot of things in my life going on at the moment that give me the motivation I need.

All in all I want to loose about 30 pounds (is that what lb stands for? I'm not sure, cause English is not my first language...), and I hope I'll be able to reach that goal in about 8 weeks, just to be realistic.

I'm not very big, about 160 pounds. I'm not sure because I didn't have the courage to step up on the scale, I could weigh much more or even a little less, but I doubt that.

The main problem that I've had with my weight since I was a teenager is that I, for some reason, am just not able to get rid of those last excessive kilos (about 16 pounds, I would guess)! Maybe it doesn't sound like such a big problem, but it has in fact affected my life in different ways, especially when hanging out with my friends, socializing etc. Let's just say that my self esteem is not, or has never been, very high. So, this is my last resort :)

So, what do you think? My counselor says a week of SS is enough and that I should go over to the combined (what do you call that here?) after that, but I'm not sure. Do you think I should go on if I feel that I'm able to?

Also, what's this "porridge" that you all talk about? I would love to try that!

I'm really really hopeful this time, it's gonna work!
All the best/ Jennifer
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hey jennifer!
Good luck with you CD. I am just finishing my second day, and still going strong!
Does your combined mean that you will be having a meal with it as well? I am doing Sole Source where I only have the shakes, which aren't bad.
Yes, there are porridges also, but I don't think I will ever be a fan so won't even try!
I think you should be fine with 30 pounds in that amount of time, I have a lot to lose so hopefully I will be able to do that this year.
And don't worry about not using the pounds thing, I have no idea what they mean either have to convert everything! It's very confusing, I got my height wrong so many times, I have no idea how to convert from cm to inches!!
Hi Jennifer, I'm fairly new too, so I'll let one of the experience CD'ers answer your questions as to whether 1 week ss is enough, but aside from that, wanted to welcome you and say hi, I've been reading for a week or so on here, and managed to post over the weekend, so glad I did as it's been a real support barrier when I started back today. Hope you are ok and wishing you the best for this journey xx
yes when you want to say pounds, then you put the letters lb after the number, quicker than spelling "pounds" every time X
Thank you for your welcomes!
The first day is soon over and it's been alright, just a little hard when I smell food from the kitchen (I live in a student corridor, and share kitchen). The following days are supposed to be worse, so I'm not complaining yet! Some of the shakes tastes quite good actually :)
Kateykat; yes, the combined means that I will add a meal a day, but this week (and maybe the week after that) I will be on the SS.
No one has an answer to the porridge-question?

Also, about the pounds; how many pounds is one kilogram? Is it 2,2 or..?

All the best :)


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Jennye, not sure if this is available where you are but in the UK we have porridge as another alternative to the shakes, soups and bars, it's a hot oaty cereal type thing which is great for breakfast!



Trying to stay healthy!
oh and yes 1lb (pound) = 2.2kgs

I'm in Sweden, and no, we don't have that here. Not the counselor I'm seeing anyway. But, it sounds great, I could really need that.
So, it's just as good as the shakes? I mean, you can eat it while being on the SS?

Thanks anyway :)


Trying to stay healthy!
yes it's ok to have on SS i have one everyday! it's a nice change from shakes n soups, feels like you are having some food.


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oh and yes 1lb (pound) = 2.2kgs
No no no, forgive me for correcting you ,,,,, 1kg equals 2lbs 2 oz...... Or 1lb equals 454grams.


Trying to stay healthy!
ooops sorry you are right , 1kg = 2.2lbs got it the wrong way round duh!! thanks for spotting Nibbles!