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new to this diet

Hi everyone

Ive tried every diet going with some success but im a yoyo dieter and im sooo determined to get back into my clothes.

Im 5ft 9 and weigh in at 16 stone 2 lbs thats the heaviest i have been in 5 or 6 years.

Im very unhappy with my weight and desperate to make healthier choices with food and exercise.

I started the Alli tablets yesterday and today is day 2, so far so good i have stuck to the diet and only effect i have found is that i get a slight stomach ache and wind is this normal?

i hope to see the weight falling down as i have 6 stone to lose

many thanks

M x
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i didnt get the wind (but yes it is common) but got the stomach pain, it kinda felt like a stitch for me....

This is normal, and i think can last a couple weeks while your body adjusts...

Hope day 2 goes well for you!! Keep at it!!!


Go on smile! =)
I also got wind at first along with mild headaches. Lasted about 1-2 weeks at the start now i dont have them as much if at all.
ive not had the head aches yet but will look out for them, im trying to drink lots of water too as i know u can get head aches from being dehydrated.

i know im only on day 2 but this is actually not feeling like a diet, and its actually the kind of eating i can easily get used to which i think is very important as i need to make this a life changing thing not just do this while losing.

thanks everyone x
The important thing is the change in diet (and exercise is a must). The orlistat (alli or xenical) is just to give you a helping hand. It also means that you have a better chance of keeping the weight off if you change your habits :)


'this time i'll do it!'
good luck with your journey, this site has tons of support and its only a computer away!
i got a bit of pain when i started but it settled down soon, hope all goes well xx


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i didnt get the head aches but each person is different.
i did get a little blocked up down there if i remember correctly.... but that soon come back to normal...

all the things that the packaging doesnt tell you... lol

i have also found this quite easy, and i can pretty much say its changed the way i think about foods, and how much oils and fat is in everything... it makes me sick to think about what i used to eat and would still be eating if i didnt change.
hi everyone

so far not been blocked up yet and still going regulary, so im pleased about that. On day 3 now and just had my breakfast and taken my tablet, i was naughty and got on the scales this morning just to make sure they are dropping and they are so that gave me a spring in my step. i was concerned that they wouldnt drop as i hadnt been able to exercise as my belly was hurting all the time.

well im loving this new healthy eating plan which is the same as the rosemary conley i did years ago except i wouldnt dare cheat this one lol

thanks for your replys cant wait to check in with you on sunday when i weigh in and see what my first week on alli tablets has helped me achieve

kindest regards



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so glad that you are feeling upbeat!!!
You sound so positive and determined to do it!!!!

We all cant wait to see how you have done as well!! Hope its a good one for you
Welcome....glad to see you are feeling so positive about it all...keep it up and you will be rewarded by the scales. Post often and you will get plenty of support from the peeps around here.

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