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New to this, old hat at the diets though

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Hi All!

I'm new to this. I decided that this time I am going to surround myself with as much support as possible to help push me to my goal (-60lb by 30 June 2012!)

I am getting married on the 5 April 2013 and had an incident recently regarding a wedding dress that caused me to get extrememly embarrassed, extremely upset and then extremely determined to loose the necessary weight! Although my determination waivers after lunch for some reason. I always want a bar of chocolate! Any tips on how to get rid of that want?

Best of luck girls. Oh I'm doing Weight Watchers so here's hoping it works!

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Hi Rach!

I have a photo of a dress I want to be able to get back into pinned to the inside of the biscuit cupboard - Could you do the same for your wedding dress?
As for the chocolate cravings, I have three fallbacks;
1. WW Chocolate Biscuits - 2 PP per bar!
2. MilkyWay - 3 PP per small bar - Good for a quick hit.
3. Options Hot Chocolate cutes the choc craving for me and 1 PP for a mug! :D


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Hi Rach good luck with the cravings, if u do find a way to banish them let me know as I'm a total chocoholic and struggle too!
I'm not on WW but I'm doing slimming world, the photo in the biscuit cupboard is a super idea, when I start to think about eating naughty food I go for a pint of water and i find something to do, ironing, going for a walk, reading success stories out of the magazine, anything to keep my mind off food, then it makes me think twice whether the impulse to eat was genuine or just because I was bored, 9/10 it's because I'm bored. It's also the case that the body often confuses the need to eat with the need to drink, sounds silly but try to drink lots of water and you will notice that you will only tend to feel hungry when you actually are, hope this helps, good luck to all of you!! Xoxo
Hey rachbomb,

I was reading up on cravings and how to beat them, apparently if we crave chocolate it can be because of a deficancy of magnesium or something like that (dont know how true it is but you never now lol). I found it hard to resist it at first but now i just walk on past...

To keep me detirmind i do a few things but one is everytime i crave something i tell myself just how long it would take to work off that chocolate, biscuit, cake or an other bad thing in the gym and it works.

I now feel im incontrol of the food instead of food controling me lol

Another thing is paul mcenners weight loss book, tells you to push middle finger and thumb together and think of that food you really want, then imagine the smell, the taiste and texture, smells and looks nice? Tempted to eat it? Now imagine it with maggits all over it, crueling and riggling all over. Still look nice? It puts you off for a while but if you ever get tempted just put your finger to your thumb and push, your brain remembers that feeling with that image and puts you off again... It does work lol i really recomend the book..

Best off luck hope you do well


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best of luck with beating the cravings and best of luck with your diet! x