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new to this site, support needed

ive been following cambridge diet for 4 weeks now and have lost 1st 7lbs. im over the moon at this, really proud of myself. its has been soooo hard as i cook for my family everyday, but the weightloss was a big motivation not to cheat (as would only be cheating myself). but im really missing eating now. im not hungry, i just want to eat. ive read a few posts put on here by people who have been doing this for months and months and i just dont know how they do it. they amaze me. im doing cd for another 2weeks (in which time i am hoping to loose another half stone) then im having a 2 week break and healthy eating before restarting this again for a further 6-8 weeks. has any1 got any advice or tips to help me along the way?????:)
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well im really disappointed today. ive got on my own scales and ive only lost 1lb since sunday. it is my time of month so maybe its down to that as ive stuck to my 3 shakes and not had anything else. im drinking loads of water. oh well hopefully it will be better next week.
hi! dont be disheartened. the weeks i have a slow loss i lose loads the week after, it will balance out, and sometimes you lose a lot the day you get weighed. its good to know that you are having a 2 week break and then restarting CD, its your journey and you seem ok with it. I have one day off a week and am on wk 8 and have 19lbs so far in 7 weeks. hopefully a few off thsi week too. I am one stone from goal and know i am taking the long route but i need to have a day where i sit and eat with my family or go out with friends. as i make healthy chioces on my day off and always start again the next day i have managed to lose every week. I would not advocate this to you as it sounds like you prefer 100% ss. just wanted to reply to say do not feel bad a bout a 1lb loss, it'll even itself out.
hiya leeds123, thank u very much for what u wrote yest, it picked me up a lot, although today i got on scales n weigh 1lb heavier!!!! arrrrgggghhh!!!! but thats it now im not going to get on scales till a week on sunday and then i will b having a normal week and im positive i will have lost. we wnt to inlaws for tea last night and whilst they were tucking into pie, chips, peas n gravy i was drinking a choc shake, it all smelt gorgeous and i wanted some so much but i know it will be worth not having it in the long run. cant wait for my break, even simple beans on nimble toast is something i cant wait for. i dont want to go mad, just enjoy eating again for the week and im hoping that if im good i might only put a lb or 2 bk on. im only having the 1 week break now and then getting straight back on ss. do you think with the break i might have that really good weightloss the 1st week bk on it?? i hope so ,lol. im hoping in the 9 weeks i will have then untill my friends wedding that il loose 2 stones at least. sorry for my rambling lol. hope u are having a good week. i love reading your diary.take care hun.
hello! dont worry about the scales. sometimes when i keep up my water intake i am up by 7lbs! how crazy is that?

very brave of you to take a break, but i think it will be good for you. just make sure that you 100% start back on ss on the planned day. i have a day off every sat and spend all sunday drinking water and having my shakes. after eating i usually weigh 2-3lbs heavier the next day so be prepared for a gain in your week off. however, a few weeks ago i had a whole weekend off plan and the next week i lost a good 3lbs which is a lot for me. sometimes i think eating can fire up the metabolism again. i think in your week off you should expect to gain a few pounds but the week you come back you should have a good loss losing all your gain for your week off and then some. I am one stone from goal and too scared to come off the shakes completely so applause for you for coming off for a week! maybe you should have a weekend off first to see if its ok, i would be too scared to take a whole week off. i would split the week into 3 weekends off and see what happens. if you stick to low carbing in your week off you should be ok though...

cant wait to hear what happens with your week off, you sound really determined so i am sure you will do really well. either way, its nice to read about someone else trying to work CD around their life and i am really keen to see how you get on. in the meantime, ignore the scales for a while and i am sure you will lose a good amount next week. keep posting here so i know how you get on!
aww thank u so much. nobody that i know has ever heard of cambridge and i have to keep explaining it. so its nice to come on here and chat. i love reading what you have been up to, i dont know about applausing me, i think you deserve that for being able to have a whole day off every week and get back on track, i think id just carry on eating lol. thats my problem, i love food too much. like everything really and enjoy eating.
i had a big operation in oct 2008, had to have my right hip socket broken into 3 and also my pelvis broken and all pinned back together with titanium pins, i was a bit overweight anyway but since then i have piled on the weight so i had to do extreme dieting and cut out all foods. the main reason for my week break is that i promised id go out for my mates birthday and im a little bored now with the shakes so it will be nice to eat some healthy food and have a gud girls night out. before i wrote on here i looked for your diary but cant find it. do you mind adding me as a friend on here so i can chat to you easier and see how you are doing please? hope your having a good day. i am so far. ooh also i didnt realise untill reading peoples posts that we can have peppermint tea and lemon tea. nice to have some diffferent flavours. xx
oh my god, im having a day from hell. ive been in such a mardy mood since late afternoon because i really really want to eat something, anything. im not hungry i just want something. my hubby ordered a pizza earlier and i could have killed him cos i wanted some soooooo much. this is my last week this week until my planned week off and the closer i get to that the more i want to eat. on the upside im very proud of myself for not giving in to temptation but its doing my head in so much that im going to bed when ive done moaning on here lol, if im asleep i cant be tempted to eat lol. although the other night i did dream about sittting down to sausage, egg and real chips, yum, didnt even get to eat it in my dreams though as my youngest daughter came and woke me up. right, time for me to stop rambling now and go to bed. hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, afterall i have had lots more positive days than these mardy days. hope everyone else is doing well.
S: 19st2lb C: 16st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 40.7 Loss: 2st3lb(11.57%)
Oh, well done you for not giving in! My H2B went out and got kebab and chips for tea!! Charming eh? I tucked into a Butterscotch shake..and am now off to have a bath and bed.
thanks cornishkez, i am so glad i didnt give in yesterday and today is much better as ive been weighed this morn and have lost 4lbs this week so back to positive self. im well chuffed. bless ya, its so hard when your other half can eat what they want isnt it. hope u have a good day cornishkez.
S: 17st7lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st8lb(3.27%)

for your planned break i'd stick to more protein foods and do an atkins type thing. limit carbs and you shouldn't have a mega problem with weight gain.
hiya!!! sorry, havent been on much this section. how is your week off going? I am having a bad week too, lost 2lbs last week but this week have meals out on fri evening and sunday and dont know what to do. think i will ss all the way apart from them 2 meals but part of me thinks to just sod it and have a week off and do low carb! anyway, am 10lbs from goal and have been thinking of moving up the plans.... hungry and headachey today....

keep posting, let me know what you have been having and what the damage on the scales is!!! speak soon and take care,
hiya, i havent been on here much either. im still doing ss. doing it until next thurs, then going to have just 3 days off. im soooo looking forward to it. decided not to have the full week off as dont want to be too tempted to eat the wrong things lol.
you are doing great, i wish i was only 10lbs off goal. keep up the gud work hun.xx
yay! godd decision to just have 3 days off. i'm going out tomorrow night for a meal and have cancelled sundays meal out as its too much for me to deal with. losses have really slowed down now so cant make them worse with meal after meal - its too expesive. let me know what you have and enjoy you little break. a few weeks ago ihad a whole weekend off and lost a good amount the followig week.. take care. ps my diary is in the returners section.
hiya leeds123, whenever i come on here i always look at your up to date diary posts. i love it, it keeps me going to know theres not only me whos struggling. im not getting weighed till next thurs morn (at home) then will be visiting cdc on the sunday to see what damage ive done with the weekend off. having a girls night out fri, guna stick to vodka and diet coke. but may have to have something fatty on way home and possibly the saturday as well to get over the drink. going to try my hardest though not to snack on rubbish the rest of the time. to be honest after all these weeks of not eating im looking forward to some simple poached eggs n beans on brown toast lol. hope you have a lovely weekend and dont beat yourself up about going out, your human and do need to enjoy your life now. enjoy your curry, yum yum. xx
oh by the way, ive had a great morning. went shopping with my friend to get an outfit for our night out next week. i got some lovely gladiator style wedges and a lovely black dress in a size 16, i went off to try them on but the dress was a bit big so i went and found a 14 and it fits perfectly. i was over the moon and i soooo cant wait to wear my new clothes next week.xx
hiya girl!! so pleased for you, you sound happy!

I have done 30 mins of exercise dvd, drank loads of water and am rationing myself so can save cals for tonights meal. so looking forward to it. its a breakthrough for me as usually when i have a day off i never bother with the water or exercise but when i get to goal i want to have a balance of everything so if i know i am eating out i want to drink water and exercise and limit cals during the day. so i have started doing it now so it sticks. i feel so good today even though losses are slowing. enjoy your few days off hun you will really love the freedom of choosing what to eat. believe me, when i have my day off every week the one and only thing i look forward to is a slice of granary toast with a cuppa. not bothered about the rest of the day and tummy has shrunk so end up eating very little. enjoy tthe night out and have summat fattening if you want to. when we get to goal we'll be having some nice things along the way wont we.?

my advice would be to limit cals so if you know you are eating on the way home cut cals before you go out, and also, where poss stick to low carb (ie donner). cant wait for you to report back on how you got on cos not many people on here have breaks! also, cant wait to see you back on CD....

keep posting and have a great weekend. bet you looked fab in the dress, I actually feel so happy and excited for you!
aww thank u so much. i cant wait to show it my hubby, hope he likes it.lol. leeds thats my problem too, when i last tried this diet, i drank and drank but when i stopped doing it i just stopped drinking. ive always been bad for not drinking enough. a typical day i might have a cuppa tea and maybe a glass of dilute and thats it, then i wonder why at 9pm im so dry,lol. so im determined to keep buying the water flavouring no matter what, i like it hot.
i know your a bit fed up because of your weightloss slowing down but thats probably because you havent got much to loose now have you? you should be really proud of yourself for going at it so long because even though the results are great, it is a very hard diet to do when you are surrounded by people who eat all day long.
hey thanks for that advice, a nice donner sounds gorgeous!!!!! i dont know how people do it for months and months with no breaks. i couldnt. there must be more people like us really who have breaks, maybe theres a few who dont like to admit it eh? well enjoy ya curry and let me know how your night goes, i could just eat a nice chicken korma!!!xx

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