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New to this

Hi everyone

This is the first ever time that I have been on a forum so am a bit nervous and hope it works o.k

I have been looking at this site for a while now and I am so impressed with all of you.

I started LL on 27th Feb and lost 6Lb in my first week. I a ashamed to say that I was a little bit disappointed at that amount as 1 lady lost 13Lb. That is silly though I know because 6Lb is nearly 1/2 stone isn't it? Now in week 2. Hope I lose a good amount this week.

Is anyone else on Week 2?:)
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Hello and welcome...yes I am also in week 2. My weigh in is Tuesday and I am hoping to get to at least 1 stone off as I lost 11lbs in my first week. How are you finding it? I have to say I have good days and bad days but I am determined to stick to it and be slim for the summer. Too many times I have given up on diets and ended upbigger than ever. How much are you hoping to lose? I amhoping I can lose 4 and a half stone in the 100 days. I think it is possible, I know some people have even lost 5 stone in 100 days.
Hi Positive Betty. Thanks so much for your reply. I am getting on o.k, no headaches or cravings luckily. I too am looking forward to a slimmer summer. I am going to the IOW Festival in June and really looking forward to it. I am hoping to lose 6 stone altogether to get to 9 1/2 stone. It would be really great too lose more than 3 in the hundred days.
It definately is possible... I lost 5 stone 2lbs in the first 100 days :)

GOOD LUCK, but don't be disheartened if you don't lose what you want to within a set period of time. If you stick with it there isn't much else you can do x
Sometimes on this diet you will have weeks where you dont loose as much as you had hoped. I regularly have weeks where i only loose 1.5lbs its quite disheartening when it happens but if you stick with it then you know that the weight will keep coming off and around the corner will be a much larger loss.
In my first 14 weeks i lost 4st 9lbs, since then it has been around a stone a month, sometimes a few pounds more and sometimes a few pounds less.
Good luck and keep with it, it really is an amazing programme
Angel, it's best not to compare yourselves to others really just for your own sanity --- if you stick to the diet the weight will come off don't you worry.

Keep us posted as to how you're getting on :)
Hi Angel, I also lost 6lb in my first week and was GUTTED! You can see from my ticker what I have accomplished in the long term though. I've lost 5 1/2 stone in 5 1/2 months and have now started Route to Management and am still losing. Good luck and stay abstinent - that's the real key and in a few months you will be giving the same advice to someone else!
Best wishes,
Hi Angel,

If you compare my loss over the 100 days 3st 3lb and LLclaire 5st something we are so different.

Am I disappointed - no. Why not, because we are all different heights, weights, ages etc. So you should never worry what anyone else is doing just keep YOUR own mind focused on you.

Am I happy, see my Saturday hour by hour, I am over the moon.

Good luck and Keep posting.

By the way Claire I hope you didnt mind me using you as a comparison, your new photo is fabulous. Well done.
Thanks for your wise words everyone. I am really focused and do not intend to lapse, but I know you are all here if I struggle.

Hi Angel - welcome!!

Keep that detrmination about not lapsing. I am doing the same. I am in way trying to sound like a purist or anything - I just know myself - one slip could lead to disaster, so I just do not allow myself to tempt fate!!

Good luck!


Striving for slimness
Hi angel eyes welcome!! You going to love it on here I've only been coming on less than a week and I'm totally addicted!! Everypne on here is great! well done on your weight loss so far! and make sure you keep in touch x