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    Hey all, I'm currently a Sw member but after having such small loses, I'm considering weight watchers, I just need advice please, do I try the simply smart plan, or do points? I'm just worried I'm gonna over eat as Sw say free food eat loads... I know really that all foods contains cals and all adds up over the day of what u I could of not reduced foods to Lose a good loss If makes sense. I just wanna get on and loose this year... I like idea of weight watchers as can have wraps bread crumpets etc, as see on a ww food list you can have these types foods, but really? Crumpets? Do they have be ww ones? I like it that u allowed wrap at lunch, so lighter choices there. I don't like fruit much, only tinned oranges which I can have on ww. Not Sw. Any advice would be very grateful, please.
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    Hello I've done SW and WW so hopefully I'll be some help.

    First questions - do you try SS or Points? It really is up to you. The WW leader may push SS but if you want to go to points request it. Like you I wasn't fantastically successful with SW and find pointing much more easier as it feels more controlled. So its up to you.

    2nd Q - Crumpets, bread and wraps? Yes you can have them no problem, on SS it may be advisable to use their products as least you know it's the right type, but if you are on Points then any brand can be used as long as you point it.

    Personally I love the idea of SS but I know if I follow the points plan I'm 90% guaranteed I'll get a loss where's with SS I find I'm never confident

    Hope this is some help. Maybe you could try SS for the first few weeks and then move onto Points. Otherwise if you sure you want points I'd say go for it

    Good luck
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    Hi. I looked into Slimming World but as I have no portion control at all "unlimited" wouldn't have been a good fit. For me I joined WW online just before Simple Start and I am glad I didn't do it as it is very similar to SW plans. For me the points system is fantastic... I can eat what I want as long as it is pointed. Last week I had a kebab and a chinese but I made sure I looked at the points and rather than a donner kebab I had a chicken one... and I lost 2.75lbs. WW is helping me change my lifestyle not a faddy diet so if I want a Kitkat with a cuppa I will have one.

    I love crumpets... I have Warburtons one the now which I have for breakfast most morning with some butter. I don't eat a lot of fruit as I'm not a huge fan of the bog standard stuff like apples and oranges but I do like veg and tend to make soups which I can bulk out with free veg!!!

    How much are you losing on SW??? I know the temptation is there for big losses but to get them it's usually an unrealistic diet which you have no chance of continuing with long term. Look at both plans and decide which one you can stick with long term. For me that's a plan that allows me to eat what I want and not dictate that something is not allowed.

    Good luck.

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  5. heidiloobylou

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    Yeah thanks, I'm just not wanting to be flitting wanna stay at ww, I did it 2012, lost 7lbs . Think will do ss for week, as u get 2 treats. And was told 2nd week on ss u then get 49 weeklies too? Will also do pp too as I know not great but I like the meals, the fresh range rather than the frozen, they not very appetising. Lol x
  6. heidiloobylou

    heidiloobylou Member

    I think lyndz I am giving ww a go! Going Tom morn with friend.... I dint have big loses on Sw, as ate bigger portions etc, and think, it's not like a diet and think I need to feel like that and also have treats without feeling bad. I am looking forward to the morning! Can u still save and use exercise points on ss?
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