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New to WW - but not dieting!!

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
Hi :wavey: Just wanted to introduce myself.

I've been around on Minimins for a while now, but have been doing the Cambridge Diet since mid October (dropped 4 stone doing that).

I've now decided to finish off and maintain with Weightwatchers, as I've lost my motivation for CD and I really needed to start eating properly again. I've got 7lbs to go to get to the target I set myself of 10 stone - I will then see how I feel and re assess my target after that.

Can anybody tell me is there a mimimum to lose at WW to be accepted as a member? (It was never an issue before as I always had plenty to drop :p)

I'm starting a class on Saturday mornings, although I've actually started 'pointing' as of today. I've still got an old points guide and calculator from earlier WW attempts, so this should see my through until I get to class.

I've just noticed there is a 'March challenge' on one of the threads, so I think I'll sign myself up for that to get me started.

Speak soon

Kirsten x
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HI Kirsten and welcome to our ww forum!

Wow well done on losing 4 stone hun - thats one hell of a result!

Again - not sure of the minimum amount of weight to lose but sure its half a stone.


Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
Hi Starlight :wavey:, Hi Jools :wavey:- thanks for your replies

Just had a read through of the small print on my old stuff - I need to have a goal of at least 5lbs loss that is within the healthy BMI range for my weight, and have attended 5 weekly meetings, to qualify as a gold member. So I can tick all the boxes for that!

I want to attend meetings, at least for the time being to keep motivated to achieve my goal weight. Just having a weekly weigh in with someone helps to keep me on the straight and narrow! I also want to ensure I learn how to maintain properly when I get to goal.

Starlight - you have done amazingly well, what fantastic losses!!! As you don't attend a group do you do WW on your own, or via the net?

I've been having a little trawl through the thread 'sharing favourites & new discoveries' - I'll be putting a few of those bits on my shopping list ;)

So far so good today - I've had 9 of my 19 points so far. It's just nice to have that freedom to eat whatever I want - as long as its within my allowance.

Going off to do my 'Davina' DVD now, so speak to you all later xx

Well done on your weight loss:):):)

A couple of my ladies have got to goal and then gone on to weight watchers and some Rosemary Conolly to maintain until they feel comfortable. They have had no problems being accepted at the meetings even though they don't actually need to lose anymore weight. And I'm pleased to say that they are all still at goal and doing well:)

Starlight - you have done amazingly well, what fantastic losses!!! As you don't attend a group do you do WW on your own, or via the net?
I just do it on my own. With my points calculator, Shopping & Eating out guide, a notebook & ofcourse Minimins :) I weigh myself once a week, at my parents but thats so the scales arent in my house and Im not on and off them a hundred times a day