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New to WW (but not to the dreaded D word!)

Hey all, just thought I'd pop in and introduce myself.

I joined MiniMins back in...oh...April I think...when looking for some support with my weight loss (I was partaking in some good old fashioned calorie counting) but my heart just wasn't in it and both the dieting and the forum participation trailed right off.

I've recently been reading a lot of weight loss and fitness blogs and blogging myself about it, and I've found my mojo for it once more. Essentially I need to loose about 13 stone from my heaviest weight (I've so far lost 1 stone and a pound) to be healthy, and my main motivation is that my husband and I wish to start our family (I have PCOS and have always been Amenhorreic thanks to always having been overweight).

After loosing about ten pounds on the calorie counting again but then becoming disheartened as I stopped loosing and started sabotaging myself once more, and with my motivations in mind I decided to try something new to get myself back on track. I finally got round to picking up a book about managing PCOS through diet, and at the same time signed up for Weight Watchers online (as my job requires me to be flexible there are no meetings in my area that I can commit to). I've been using the two hand in hand and started loosing again. I follow the books plan as a guide to what I should be eating, how often, to build healthy habits gradually and probably most crucial of all to keep my mind focussed on my motivation (it has to be said that even at 23 stone I feel pretty comfortable in my own skin so it is difficult to keep my reasons for doing this in mind!) and I use Weight Watchers as a guide as to how much to eat of what I should be eating...if that makes sense! I find the pro points system a great way of doing this since before I would happily fill up my daily calorie allowance with chocolate and crisps which we all know is not condiucive to healthy eating, becoming fit, and loosing weight!

Anyhow, I'm on my third week of doing this and I've lost five pounds since starting on my ten pound plateau. I'm hoping to stick around the forums this time round to keep my mind in focus. Next month my husband and I get access to our local gym and I'm super excited about this - indeed, whilst I've said "this time is it!" many times before and then lost a couple of pounds before dropping the ball, this time it really feels like IT'S HAPPENING! I've invested both money and time and I know that this time round the weight is coming off, I'm getting healthy and fit for my future babies!

But much of that is for other posts and other times. I just wanted to give you a little bit of background information on where I am and a little more than just a cursory "well hey there!"

As for myself, well what can I say, you'll find out all about me in the weeks to come :) I live in Liverpool with my hubby and work a lovely sedentary job with lovely sedentary hobbies. Anything else you wanna know (not that you do but I'm trying to find a way to wrap this up haha) just fire away!

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Hi and welcome to WW!!! I joined bout two weeks ago, and up until then faffed about with various diets, manage to lose some but I need something more sustainable as I love food and don't think that will ever change. At least u can eat what u want on this plan and still lose a long as u stick within points. My motivation is I'm getting married next June and would like to glide rather than waddle down the isle. (lol) but also I want to feel healthy again, I use to be an exercise junkie but haven't moved much in recent years!! My weight at the beginning of the year was 17.12, I'm now Down to 16st. My recommended weight is 10.4, to be honest I'm not sure I want to get that low. 12st would suit me as thats what I used to weigh when I was more active. I know thats heavy for some, but I used to be a size 12 at this weight, so that will suit me. Anyway enough with my rambling, good luck xxx

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