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New to WW can someone please explain

I am currently following Slimming Worls and not really having much success and I think is because i really need some form of portion control and SW doesn't give me this. I have followed WW before so i understand the points system and doing exercise etc to earn more points.

I keep haring adverts on the radio saying that WW has changed etc and I wondered how it had changed. I want to lose 3 stone and at first I thought SW would work for me but WW i think will be better as I can eat anything as long as I point it and it will work better with my boyfriend who can eat the same as me only bigger portions.

Could anyone give e any advice as to how it has changed and any tips to make it work.

I am off on holiday in 5 days for a week so will be starting a club on Tuesday 21st.

Thanks in advance.
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No one knows what the changes are at the minute as they haven't been officially released, but I have heard (from the WW messageboard) that we won't like one of the changes!!! I'm still none the wiser!!

I would start WW on 21st with what you know already and what for the changes to be officially released. Good luck.
Sounds intriguing Lydia. I wonder what they are...

I suppose if we don't like the changes there's nothing to stop us continuing with the way it's done now - it seems to work!
I'm still in a flap over it, honestly its just ridiculous now, I see all these damn adverts "Weightwatchers is changing" bla bla bla and no one knows what the changes are!!! AAAARRRGGGHHH LOL!:rolleyes:

I hope its not that they are changing how we calculate the number of points to eat each day and we all get less, I couldn't cope with that!! Or that they are going down the American route of calculating points by taking into about Fibre and we all need to buy new points calculators!!!
Might be..............especially as last weeks talk was about the importance of fibre in our diet..........
Thanks for all your advice. I looked on the website and couldn't see any changes so I'm glad its not just me that seemed blind as a bat!

I'll wait with baited breath to see what the changes are then.

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