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new to ww - hello

hello all, my names adele, i did the cambridge diet and lost 7 stone 3 years ago but have regained 3 stone and desperately want to get rid of it...but its proving impossible for me to get back on the CD wagon!

im thinking of starting weight watchers points plan. however, i cant cook/wont cook so im hoping to do it on mainly weight watchers branded food that gives me the points.

what do people think about this? is it a common way of doing ww or do most people use recipies?

thanks in advance for any opinions :)
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Hey, welcome :)

It varies. I/My Mum mostly cook meals from scratch simply because we prefer it.

However I do eat the weight watchers Pizza, bread, cookies and cakes but I won't touch the ready meals because of personal taste, I don't like the amount of salt and sugar in ready meals whether they are ww ones or not.

It ready depends on your personal situation. For some people the ready meals and other stuff will be easier and some will always prefer to cook from scratch. You need to find what works for you in order to optimize the benefits.
i do cook from scratch myself but here ia a tip.morrisons eat smart and sainbury's good for you(both new packaging) have ww points on the back and a little cheaper than ww products.
i had chilli and wedges last week morrisons eat smart and it was 4.5 points and lovely

hope that helps

i do cook from scratch myself but here ia a tip.morrisons eat smart and sainbury's good for you(both new packaging) have ww points on the back and a little cheaper than ww products.
i had chilli and wedges last week morrisons eat smart and it was 4.5 points and lovely

hope that helps

So do tesco light choices items
thanks so much for the responses....when im left to my own devices i just cant control my portions and im lazy and eat toast and sandwhiches allll the time!

CD was good for me as it took away the choice...im thinking that sticking to a certain amount of points and eating things that are labelled might work (because trying to eat low fat, salad, soups, fruit and veg etc isnt shifting any weight whatsoever)

i think i might try to kickstart some weightloss with a couple of weeks of CD to use up my packs then give ww a try...it seems to me to be a more long term solution.

thanks for the info about the different branded meals having ww points on i'll have a look for variance and cheaperness lol :)

oh and i pledge to get on my wii fit every day and walk home from work 3 times per week....and go to salsa class ...and work up the nerve to go to aquafit....


wants to get slim
hi and welcome xxx i cant cook ( thankfully the mrs can )although we buy ready meals , pizzas , pasta sauces, quiche , bacon , which are all ww products
good luck to you on you weight loss :)
hope this help:):):):)
Hi hun, i lost 3 stone last year on LL, been trying to get back on it but cant!!!! lost 1 stone 7 but thats it, no more!!! I want to do ww now before i loose my mind!! I know it works! I use ww products for work as easy, much better than they used to be!! good luckx
Hi and welcome to the gang!

I'm just new myself and have been eating a lot of the WW branded foods for the fact that I cant cook and the Hubby cooks mega portions cause he's a big lad lol! (6'2 I mean by that :)) but i'm sure you will be fine. And good luck with the losses, us here are all friendly as I've found out!

Gem xxx


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WW is great, and some of the ready meals are pretty easy to cook yourself for cheaper (such as the mediteranean vegetable pasta or macaroni cheese) but I don't think it is bad to start off with a few ready meals to get into it. I wouldn't recommend more than one a day purely cuz the salt content and what have you. The costs add up though, with the average ready meal costing 2.50+ depending on where you get it. Of course, go ahead if you have the money, but I am but a mere student!
thanks again everyone :D

im still debating if i should do two weeks cambridge diet before i start weight watchers or what. it seems like you all do use the pre packed stuff a bit and ive been looking at some of the recipies maybe i will start to develp some cooking skills in time lol



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Do whatever you think is best, but remember some weight might go back on when you start eating bigger meals again. From what I know, CD is a bit like Slim Fast?
well CD is a very low calorie diet with no food involved in the first stages so a bit different to slimfast i think? ive not done slimfast myself.

im going to take the weekend to think about what im going to do!


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I wouldn't do CD to kickstart, because all it means is that you will lose your glycogin (if that's how you spell it) store and then when you start on WW you will struggle as you will put on weight building up your glycogin again. I would just use your CD meals as a replacement for a meal a day until they are gone, and just get your head in gear for WW.

I am just coming off CD, which was great and I lost 5 and a half stone, but I am changing over to WW for the last couple of stone, as I have struggled with CD since Christmas, and keep yoyo-ing within stone and its driving me mad. I started eating carbs this week in preparation for WW and the weight is going on, and I am still only on about 1000 cals a day.

Good luck with WW. I think the idea of ready meals is good, but I would add a fair bit of fresh veg to make sure you get loads of vitamins etc.


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Welcome and good luck with whatever way you decide to follow the plan.

I use a mixture of ready meals/sauces and cook from scratch depending on how much time I have got. I do find the ready meals useful for when I am working afternoons but I dont use them at home. Maybe start cooking some simple meals like stirfrys while you get used to the plan.

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