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New to WW....Hello!!


I thought I would pop in and say hello to you guys.

Last June I started teh cambridge diet and went from 21.7 stone to 13.2.....unfortunately in February I started feeling very ill and found out my iron level was very low.

I came off CD then went on it, off, on etc etc etc

Just tried to restart it but felt so very ill, I guess my body has had enough.

I was never someone who sat with lots of junk food or ate all day. My weight has been a problem ALL my 27 years and with having M.E my activity levels are not high.

Unfortunately I dislike a lot of food but do like things like Pasta and potatoes, fine if you are burning it off but I was not.

Recently I have developed a very unhealthy attitude to food, scared of it and then would eat something and well, try and get rid of it if you get my drift!

When I weighed myself recently I was in the 14 stones...apparently weight gain is to be expected if you come off CD completely.

Beating myself up about it all, but something clicked tonight...which is why I am still up. I am a size 14/16 from a size 26/28 and yet I am still moaning! I need to appreciate what I have now and get on with it.

So WW seems the best option, I can eat with my friends and family while losing weight.

Feel this is right for me now so I hope to 'see' you all around!
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well done on your amazing loss on CD, thats great :) where do you want to get to? do you know? Either way, WW is a great way to slowly finish your amazing work and let your body catch up with your weight loss :)

good luck with it! xxx


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Congrats on the fantastic weight loss so far, Good luck with WW. I love it, you feel normal on WW as no food is a sin. Keep posting it helps xx
Thank you guys, well at the top of my height/weight healthy range I should be 11 stone something. At the moment I am medium/large 14 and I would be so happy to be a 12.

I keep putting off buying new clothes but I have decided I have done well to get this far and I am off out tomorrow with money to burn.

Already feeling so much better on WW!


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Good luck with your journey! Youve done soo well and its going to get even better! You can do it!!


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hi there
u have done so fab so far - im sure you will continue to see results with ww - its my fave diet by far - i used to always do atkins - then give up gain the weight back etc etc .. but this is something i can see myself sticking with. i will have my 2nd weigh in tomorrow so i am very new here too!!

everyone is so friendly and supportive and encouraging - it helps so much to chat to everyone - its a brilliant bunch of people more than happy to help and give great advice - so stick around!!

good luck on your first week - its so good to know that you can eat whatever you like with your points -and the points counting gets easier each day - u get to soon see what you get more value for your points - i have not found myself hungry at all either! i love ww!!

hope you have a succesful first week and keep us updated with how your doing/feeling etc xxx


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hello and welcome,
im suzanne and have been doing WW since january after having my son back in november :)

i think you'll like WW, nothing is banned so you never really have to deprive yourself!

good luck with this last little bit of your journey :)

suz x
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Hi Emma Louise, and welcome to WW

I really admire that you could stick with a vlcd for 8months. That's amazing and shows that if you can do that, WW will be a total breeze.

Well done on your loss so far.
Rosie x
S: 12st5lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st2lb(17.34%)

Good luck with the journey ahead with ww. It really is an exciting and rewarding journey! Hope you enjoy your spending spree (jealous!!) x


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Hiya Emmalouise!!!:p

Spotted ya!!:D Welcome to the WW boards. As said before loads of advice and support on here!!

Keep your chin up chuck;) you're an inspiration!!:)

Hear from you soon!!

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