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New to xenical - open to as much advice as possible!

Hi guys - been lurking in the forum for a few days now and everyone seems really friendly and supportive, so I hope you can all give me some good tips!

I'm Kirsty and I am a serial dieter :rolleyes: lol. The most success I've had to date was the Cambridge Diet where I lost 5 stone in about 6 months, but had to come off it as I just couldn't afford it... and over the last 18 months have put 4 of that 5 stone back on :(

I plucked up the courage to discuss it with my doctor on Friday (even though it was mortifying getting on the scales and admitting my weight to another person, I've managed to keep it a secret for so long) and he has given me a month's supply of Xenical. He didn't discuss it much with me though, just said I had to come back in a month to make sure I'm losing weight!

I'm following the Slimming World plan to try and keep to a low fat diet and started taking the tablets yesterday. So far, no side effects but I do have a few questions that i hope you can help me with....

1. How long do the tablets take to get into my system?
2. Has anyone had good success following the SW plan as well as taking xenical?
3. How much water should I be drinking?
4. how much weight realistically can I expect to lose?

I've got loads more and I'm sure I'll be bugging you all loads but any other tips, hints and advice is much appreciated! I may even feel comfortable enough to post my weight/BMI soon (eek!)

Kirsty xx
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Go on smile! =)
Welcome to not only the forums but to the Xenical family Kirsty. My name is Tom although alot of people call me red :)

First off well done for going to see your doctor about your weight, it's not easy but its the first step to getting it sorted out and moving on.

1. How long do the tablets take to get into my system?
- They usally take between 3-4 days to kick in this has been the case with serveral people.
2. Has anyone had good success following the SW plan as well as taking xenical?
- I can't really comment as myself i havn't followed the SW plan, a few people on the forums have and as far as i know they are doing well. I'm sure they will fill you in with more details.
3. How much water should I be drinking?
- You want to be aiming for about 6-8 glasses of water a day, sounds alot but its not to bad. If you go to the gym or work out you find yourself drinking 3-4 glasses during that, atleast i do :)
4. how much weight realistically can I expect to lose?
- This is a tough question that gets asked alot with really the same response, it all depends on the person, how much exercise you and what you eat ect. I would say 2-4lbs a week is about average i think its fair to say. But whos to say you wont loose more :)

I've got loads more and I'm sure I'll be bugging you all loads but any other tips, hints and advice is much appreciated! I may even feel comfortable enough to post my weight/BMI soon (eek!)
If you need anymore help or just want to chat then please do post. I love meeting new people and sharing this weightloss journey with people. It's good to have someone you can relate to :)

The only really good tip, if you don't know already is the 'fat rule'. You want to look/eat foods with no more than 5g of fat per 100g of product and aim for 15g of fat per meal this is including your dessert. Stick to this and i'm sure you will do great.

Red x
Hi and thanks so much for your help - it's great to know there's people to turn to who have already been or are experiencing the same things as me. Like I said the doctor didn't really tell me much at all, not even the fat amounts i should/shouldn't be eating! So your advice is great :)

I'm hoping this will result in more of a long term resolution to my weight problem, spent too much time looking for a quick fix, the way I understand it is the xenical will help me to get used to eating right as well as speeding up my weight loss.

Just need to hide the scales for a week now, I get totally obsessive if I'm not careful and weigh myself every time i'm in the bathroom!

One more question for now....Can I eat sugar free jelly? One of my favourite desserts!

Thanks again xx


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That's the best thing about this drug, the fact that it's designed to not only help you loose weight but change your view about food which will of course help alot to keep the weight off.

I know excatly what you mean about chain weighing i was there myself once and tbh still get weight 2-3 times a week lol. This passes as you go further into the weightloss. No problem doing it aslong as you can take the results without feeling down as ofcourse you can gain 2-3lbs during the day lol. Just set yourself a weigh date and only record the results once a week :).

And yes sugar free jelly is a very good desssert i eat it all the time. Asda do a great range 3 for a quid :)

Glad i could give you some good advice, remember the only reason i can give you it is because of the great support i've got from people on this site :)
just started mine 2day rule of thumb i guess i dont eat anything that has more than 5g fat i think thats of what saturates someone tell me if i,ve got that bit right please. there is only a trace of fat in sugar free jelly so that should be fine. i am doing xenical wi counting points with my ww database fi times of old!! just sticking to low fat food n spending my points wisely so i dont end up spending a penny or 2.!!


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I tend to look at the over all fat in a food product, seems to have worked for me. =] And well done on your 11lbs loss that amazing!
will check that thanks. 11lbs was on reductil which was like my best friend lol but its been withdrawn from the market this week and i only started 2wks ago! so giving xenical a go! went to the gym today n burnt 500 cals then did 10 lengths of the pool i hope to that 3times a week.. i,m in the zone:p


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Sounds like you got your plan sorted! Well done on the exercise i go 5times a week to the gym and burn around 600 calories atm my center is under refurbishment so the pool is closed :( Can't wait till end of march to get back in and i might even look more sexy in my speedo by then lol
Hi Kirsty, and welcome.
I'm also a serial dieter, and a serial weigher (at least once a day). I'm also confusing myself at moment by getting weighed on three different sets of scales (doctors, work and Wii fit)!!
I wouldn't advise this though, once a week is probably ideal, although I can't resist doing it more often.

As far as the Xenical is concerned, as long as you're sticking to the 5% fat per 100g of food rule then you should be fine. I count calories (loosely), but I know other people do Weight Watchers and Slimming World and have a lot of success too. Just do what works for you, and as long as you're losing weight and not having the side effects, you should be fine.

I try to drink 1-2 litre bottles of water a day, along with cups of tea and maybe a diet coke. Even though I'm literally going to the loo about every half hour (for a wee!), I try to keep drinking lots to help my skin, keep me feeling fuller and to stop me getting constipated (this can be a side effect when you're doing things properly with the tablets).

Good luck with your weight loss journey Kirsty - ask any questions you need to, everyone is really lovely here and you'll definitely get the support you need.
Hello & welcome! I too have done more diets than I care to remember but never ever get to goal. Determined to do it this time! I am sick of being down about it tbh!!

I've lost 12lbs in 4 weeks but as Red said it all depends on the person.

I would def recommend exercise! I only walk (lots of walking pushing 2 toddlers seems to do the trick for me!) but make sure you get some exercise in. Really helps with the losses!

Correct me if I'm wrong but its not the saturated fat per 100g you look at its the fat before saturation? Thats how I've been doing it any hoo!

As much as I love my doc he too wasn't great with advice on the tabs! Just basically said eat fat and you'll suffer lol thats how I came to find this site and its great!

Good luck xx


Go on smile! =)
Correct me if I'm wrong but its not the saturated fat per 100g you look at its the fat before saturation? Thats how I've been doing it any hoo!
I go by the whole fat also.


Gold Member
welcome. (sorry im a little late)

hope things are going well and that you have started off smoothly...

remember to drink loads, and that exercise helps!!

good luck!
Greta thread!!! I'm new here too - well no i'm not actually new to minimins just new to xenical and this bit of the forum. ;)

Anyway thanks for the tips these have really helped me too!!
Hi Kirsty, Im a newbie to Xenical. I had to double check I hadnt written your thread as we have very similar stories. Like a lot of folks Im a serial dieter.
3 years ago I lost over 5stone with Cambridge diet and was amazed how quickly the weight returned.
The last diet plan was Slimming World. Great diet but I think my portion size is outta control,lol. Finally visited GP on wednesday who prescribed Xenical.
Feeling positive at the moment about it, especially after reading everyone's messages.Bit apprehensive about visiting the loo but so far so good.
Im keeping to the 15g fat per meal rule but unsure how many calories I should be consuming.
I bought the Alli book and according to that I should have 1800 cals a day. As Xenical is a different dose, does that sound about right?
Im 16stone 12 pounds and 5ft 6inches. Advice please.
Anyway, heres to great losses!
Take care,
Jackie x:wave_cry:
Hiya Jackie - we do pretty much mirror each other! The last one I was on was SW too lol - have been losing weight but veeeeeerry slowly, which prompted me to ask the doctor for any additional help; I originally asked if there would be any funding or support available to take up the Cambridge Diet again, the sheer horror on his face was a sight to behold!

Not sue about an amount of calories I'm afraid hun, I've been sticking to SW, mostly red days and seem to be doing OK so far....we'll see what the scales say come Monday though. If you find out how many calories we're meant to be having will you please let me know too?? xx
Hi Jackie...

I am just jumping in here so excuse me! The fat content is good to follow and regarding the calories, many people on here advise logging into fitness pal which gives a free calorie count according to the info you input. Don't think it necessarily takes into account the medication but will give some accurate recommendations.
Lizzie x
hi,redkoala, im new to site and very impressed.but what i'd like to say is thank you, thank you,thank you. saw you raised money for cancer research,its due to wonderful people like you, that i'm here today.diagnoised with cancer 2008 now in remission,no signs or symptoms just found during routine tests. so keep up your good work with your weight loss and good work with your fund raising and just incase thank you, thank you.xxxxxxxx

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