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new to xenical

Hello everyone, I'm Tamara.

i was previously on reductil, because its been taken off the market my doctor prescribed me xenical and i'm a bit nervous because of the side effects it may give, i'm going to start tomorrow.

i was wondering is their anyone doing slimfast alongside xenical and how did they get on, i'm doing slimfast at the moment and lost 8lbs so far, hope you all are ok and getting on great. xx
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hello fellow slim faster!!
(im a little slow at replying to all these new threads atm so sorry for that)
i am on slim fast and Xenical, and things seem to be working for me...

just got to exercise a little more and ill be on track!!!

how are you finding it???
if you have any questions feel free to ask..
omg, so i'm here freaking out now, i dry fried an egg yesterday as one of my slimfast snacks, no side effect yet, but i've heard to stay clear from eggs.


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hi love, hows it going?
did you get any effect from the egg???

some people dont get the effect from egg but some do... eggs are high in fat (the yoke part) so im steering clear of them....

how was the rest of the week for you?
hi kes, luckily i didnt get any side effects, infact im losing weight but i dont no if the tablets are working because the other day i had a fried dumpling and got no side effects ( it was deep fried) so far everything is going fine, i'm almost a stone lighter and can already feel the difference.

hope everything is ok with you now, ps slimfast has been the best diet for me so far


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im pleased you have not had any side effects, but they can take up to 70 or so hours (depending on your system) to come through... so i hope that you dont get anything....
im loving being on slim fast, sometimes i do miss eating foods, but i know that this is what i need to do for the time being.....

hope you are doing ok..
morning:) so far so gd for me, i'm a stone lighter, had my two weeks weigh in this morning, lol the gp said i lost 14lbs and 200grams, it was quite funny when she said grams lol, she asked me what plan i was following and i replied "slimfast" she then told me to keep up the gd work because its working for me, so i was pleased about that, i didnt really think i wouldve lost that much on xenical but i have, my body still feels really big but i can see the difference with the glow in my skin ( must be all that water) but i'm ok so far. how is things going?
Wow well done on your 1st loss!! xx
well done!!!!

(sorry im a little late to reply!)

hope you are keeping up the good work, because thats amazing.... i would have laughed at the grams too... lol..
sounds like you have a very supportive dr...
hey kes,

your so right my dr is very supportive, im keeping up the gd work and feel very proud of myself, im not doing much on the exercise front of things, the only thing i do is go for 60 mins brisk walk a day and 15 minutes of dancing lol, but i guess thats enough for now.
how are things going with you hun?
im doing ok.. ive got so much motivation right now.. (one being ive got a dr app next monday and i cant go in there without losing anything.. and right now thats how it stands!!!)

better get my bum into gear then!
ive got a dr app next monday and i cant go in there without losing anything
I'm in the same boat as you Kes, I go this Wednesday to get weighed so I'm desperately trying to lose some more before I go.
I've tried really hard for the past month, but I've had two weekends away, and gained 5/6 pounds each time! I know it's my own fault but the end result is that I'm more or less the weight I was when I last got weighed! Or at least I will be if I don't do well this week :eek:

I do feel motivated though, let's just hope it pays off for us both! :)
Thanks for your post KB, i was previously thinking that i wasnt doing enough but thanks for reassuring me. i can see that you've been doing pretty well yourself.

To kes, well done on feeling motivated! i no how you feel, i always panick before my gp appointment lol atleast a week before my appointment i always put in more effort than usual just incase they tell me i've lost nothing, but the most important thing for me is to no that i'm trying harder on this diet than i have been on others. cant beleive i've come this far not craving any sweets at all, i think its the kick of the slim fast lol im loving it!!
yes, i dont crave many sweet things.. in fact i think my cravings have turned savory more than anything....
and yes i dont want to go in and have them tell me ive lost nothing.... so im hoping that things turn around!!

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