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New to Xenical


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Hi Remy!
I'm also new to Xenical but already I'm seeing great results :)

My advice would be to read through some of the threads because there are a lot of really knowledge people around here and everyone is so supportive.

Good luck to you and please keep us updated with your progress!:)
Hi Remy, I'm not on Xenical now, but was on it for a year and had a good weight loss. Good luck on your weight loss journey:)


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Hiya i am in week 3 of xenical and doing great just stick to a low fat diet, check labels and look at the fat per 100grams and aslong as it it 5grams or less then its good to eat and stick to 15grams of fat per meal.
I am actually finding it quite easy my food yesterday was
- breakfast fresh fruit salad with muller yoghurt and a slice of toast with bovril

- lunch i had low fat chicken korma and rice

- mid afternoon snack- vanilla and choc yoghurt with strawberrys dipped in!

- dinner was seafood paella really yummy and and had a weightwatchers toffee dessert after!

-plus drank 1.5 litres water, trying to up it to 2 litres
Thanks for all your advice. I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you all. I am just waiting for my bloods to come back and then will hopefully get the go ahead to begin. This message baord has been a real inspiration.
Please can you tell me if any of you have suffered with any side effects and after eating do you necessarily need to be close to a loo?

PS. can anyone tell me how to put an avatar on, can't figure it out!
Thanks Bajbrown. I have spoken to the doc today, all my bloods were fine, so I will pick them up today and begin tomorrow. I will keep you updated. Do you or anyone else have any beginners tips? I also would like to know if i will need to go to the toilet after each meal even if it is a low fat one?
Thanks x


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Just get used to reading labels i was told i could takemy tablet just before during or up to an hour after and i take mine just before cos then i no i wont be tempted to eat something i shouldnt!!

I dont go to the loo after each meal i go once each morning after getting up the same as i always have!! xx
well I have got the packet infront of me- Tomorrow will be my first day- here goes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Luck Remy :) x
Hi guys,
Well my first week has gone very well. I have stuck to the 5g rule and have been absolutley fine with NO side effects at all. My calorie intake is around 1200 per day and since starting the low cal diet 3 weeks ago I have lost 7lbs. I am so pleased with myself and it has inspired me hugely to continue on. Now I need to figure out how to update my ticker!!
Thanks x
Good luck Remy!

I've not yet had any side effects and hoping to keep it that way. I've been going by the 5% and 15g of fat per meal and thats what I plan to continue with.
Let us know how you get on.

Kate x x

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