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New user and confused!!!!

Hi i have just started this and am already in trouble lol I had for breakfast fat free yoghurt and bannana, snaked on a satsuma and diet coke lunch was a tuna salad ( tuna in water ) with light salad cream ( 2 syns i think) and then tonight i am going to cook Spaghetti Bolognaise however is pasta free or do i have to use syns???

Also is EE the best way to go or is it better to do red and green days???

Thank you in advance for your help...:8855:
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i will be slim
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it depends if your on an ee day hun.
if so the pasta will be free
but you can only have one a and one b on the ee plan

i prefer red and green days
u can have 2 a,s and 2 b,s
and pasta is free ona green day

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sounds good to me.
As a compleatly new sw member id say EE is better becuase you can have balanced meals like spag bol, meat and veg, pasta with meaty sauces etc.
Spag is free and as long as your bolognese is using extra lean mince and all free ingredients its sounds perfect to me!
Your brekkies is great too, i cant just have fruit and yog for breakfast i get too hungry!

your not hungry are you?
Not Hungry at the moment just confused lol so is pasta free on both red and green days EE sounds too Easy if you know what i mean like you can eat loads?


i will be slim
S: 33st1lb C: 30st1lb G: 17st0lb BMI: 60.4 Loss: 3st0lb(9.07%)
all the free foods which are on red and green are free on ee plan!
the only difference to the ee plan is that u have lass healthy extras only one a choice and one b choice

u can have 2 a,s and 2 b,s on red and green days
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another confused newbie!

I'm having a green day today and was saving one of my HEb's to have chicken for dinner ... but .. I just had a bag of Ryvita Minis and was wondering, if I have half the amount of chicken I eat could I count just 2.5 syns for the Minis and leave some syns for mayo on my salad???:confused:
So sorry to be a pain is what i have eaten today all free then on ee apart from the salad cream? Also what syna are you allowed i mean like is 10 too many on ee? And ..last question i promise can i ee day then red or green? Or do i have to stick to one plan?


i will be slim
S: 33st1lb C: 30st1lb G: 17st0lb BMI: 60.4 Loss: 3st0lb(9.07%)
u can alternate all days one green one red one ee etc etc
yeah salad cream is all your syns if your having a ee day 2day hun...
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If you're having a green day then the tuna isn't free. You can split HEB's but it's probably just easier to syn 1 of them, they'll be similar syns. Most HE's are about 6 syns. It sounds like you should be on an EE because of the tuna and then the spag bol. The pasta would be free on a green but the meat isn't. If you make it EE then the whole of the spag bol is free. Do remember to fill atleast 1/3 of your plate with superfree food on an EE though, this stops you eating too much of the mix of free. You can have up to 15 syns on any day including EE. Does that make sense or have I confused you more? :giggle:


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Elliemonster - you can mix and match the days you have, so you could have some green, red and EE days if you wanted for variet. I only follow EE as I can't be bothered with too much weighing, lol! I tend to have an average of 15 syns a day over the week on EE, but I think they advise people to have a minimum of 5 per day :)

Everything you've had today is free except for the salad cream. Think extra light salad cream is 1 syn per tablespoon, and the light salad cream is 2 syns per tbsp?? You haven't used your 1 Healthy Extra A, or your Healthy Extra B. Maybe have some cheese (HexA) on your bolognese, and maybe a tbsp of olive oil on your pasta with some cracked black pepper for a HexB? Just a suggestion hun :) xxx
THANKYOU for the repliesI am less confused now and think Im going to try EE as it sounds easier to follow when i get stcuk in I will move onto Red and Green days trying to combine this with 45 mins exercise a night on the wii should make some impact... hopefully lol

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