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  1. Desperately Dieting

    Desperately Dieting Full Member


    I'm a 29yr old, gluten free disabled mum of 3 and i'm also a slimming world deserter

    I did ww like 5 years ago after the birth of my middle daughter lost 3 stone stopped going as I was pregnant couldnt do it with the limitations i had to place on my diet to feed my baby (she is allergic to gluten, milk, soya, egg protein and most fruit and veg) and then I kinda poo pood ww in my head I was like well i put the weight back on (though now thinking of it well i did have a baby duh lol)

    now im not feeding (she is going to be 4 this year) most of the foods back in but it turned out I have a gluten allergy of my own and a lactose intollerence (also have soya allergy)

    So i went to sw first few months of being gf lost loads untill i found all the naughty things i could have lol and it just piled back on

    I got disheartened as it was okay when i could have mug shots but when i couldnt it was such a pain i just ate whatever

    ontop of my pre existing medical issues I have just been told I have arthritis in my toes which blummin hurts so i need to loose weight to help that ive got 3 1/2 stone to loose

    I like the fact that ww have talks at group each week instead of waiting till you hit a snag to talk about that snag... as sometimes I dont know something is going to be a problem till after the fact lol
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  3. seadie

    seadie Full Member

    Welcome to the ww boards. There are quite a few sw deserters here, lol,me including
  4. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    Hello hun welcome to the WW part of the forum. I am also a SW deserter too lol.
    Look forward to hearing how you get on xxx
  5. Desperately Dieting

    Desperately Dieting Full Member

    I've had a few naughty moments over the last few days (tracked it all though now my weekly allowence is looking a bit low lol) but i've got more gusto now ive prepared my popcorn and im ready to go... hopefully lol
  6. Featherhat

    Featherhat Full Member

    Good luck. Naughty moments are allowed, as long as you track them! Don't be afraid to play around with the systems until you find a combination that works for you. I lasted 3 meetings at Simming World before moving across to WW, it's a plan that works for a lot of people but definitely not for me and WW was almost perfect for me.
  7. Desperately Dieting

    Desperately Dieting Full Member

    I lasted alot longer then that I think i spent over a year at sw. I lost almost 3 stone and then put it all back on... when i lost the weight it was when i was new to being gluten free, i also couldnt tollerate any dairy (I am so pleased I can get a bit in now lol was one thing eating minging gf bread but with dairy free spread on it double blugh!!!)

    So I couldnt have chocolate i couldnt have treats as i was too frightened as i didnt know what had gluten in and esp what had wheat in
    as soon as i sussed that out it piled back on :(

    I always did best following their 2 week fast forward plan which is ironicly simular to a pro points plan where each meal and treat was pointed
  8. lis2811

    lis2811 Full Member

    Another sw deserter here. Starting today and quite excited lol
  9. Desperately Dieting

    Desperately Dieting Full Member

    I'm finding myself very enthusiastic doing weight watchers I have to say.

    Its nice too as I dont feel penilised doing it gluten free on SW the gluten free foods can be very high synd but a cereal bar which is 7 syns is only 3 pro points which helps

    I had a bit of a mad day and ate too much but the weekly pro points meant i was fine!
  10. Chocolate

    Chocolate Full Member

    I have been doing slimming world for three weeks . Lost 6 3/4 lbs the first two weeks, weighed myself this morning and I have gained 3 1/2 can't believe it, so disappointed stuck to the diet no cheats! Joined ww on line today back to pro points for me xx
  11. Featherhat

    Featherhat Full Member

    That's the best part of WW. Originally I did SW partly because one of the common criticisms of WW was "you can eat junk and ready meals, you don't eat healthy" but now I love having the weeklies and earning activity points, it means rarely feeling restricted.

    Aww, one bad weigh in does mean you weren't heading in the right direction in general, but I hope you're enjoying PP again.
  12. Chocolate

    Chocolate Full Member

    Yes I am a ww girl at heart lol! X
  13. Chocolate

    Chocolate Full Member

    Well first week back on weight watchers and I lost 3 1/2 ? x
  14. MrsK81

    MrsK81 Full Member

    Yay! That's a great start x
  15. Chocolate

    Chocolate Full Member

    Thank you xx

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