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New Week / New Start

Morning Ladies & Gents

As my post is called New Week / New Start I am doing just that. I have re-started my ticker and reset my goals. I just decided over the weekend that I needed a "new start" on the weight loss front and felt that the weight I have already lost was not helping me. Does this make sense? :kissass:I was getting a bit complacent in that I knew how to cheat the system and have something bold to eat....so you can imagine how I felt when I was up 4lbs over the weekend. :cry:So that hit a nerve and I've decided that I am on this now for the long haul and I am going to be serious about it "THIS TIME". Plus the exercise is going to start this morning too. :) And I am back on my 24pts daily - no more of this only using 18-20 of them. I know that some weeks I am going to struggle cause of the chemo and medication but I can do this - we all can.
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You're right you can do it; andyes it might be hard; but with those extra points you are going to be having everyday you might find it easier to stick to than before... good luck hunni; and we're all here to support you xx


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
A gain always hits a nerve but it will come straight back off :D You will do it and you will feel fab :D
You can do this. Restarting and refreshing sounds like a great idea. Celebrate every lb you lose (including the 4 you have put on) remember losing them is the same is losing any other 4 lbs...it's still a fantastic achievement. Look forward to your holidays and keep coming on here and boosting my self-esteem by saying lovely things lol! Just kidding of course!
We are all here for each other, come on here for a rant or for inspiration or whatever you need. xoxo
good luck with it all,, a gain can do wonders eh, to give us a kick up the butt!!!
Hello :) good on you for a fresh start , I know how you feel with a gain, I'm in a black place with we ATM as I have stuck to it 100% for 24 weeks and gained twice.
I think thou it's just sticking to it refreshing it now and again and making it a plan .
Good luck Hun :) xxx
absolutely everyone Im with u on this one....when we reach a bit of a plateau or have a bit of a gain its the perfect opportunity to shake up the plan and vary things a bit....it may just be me being lazy (and working long hours) but i tend to stick to the same meals weekly and so i think i will have a browse of the recipes here and in the ww magazines and try some new things

good luck everyone for the 'new starts' :)
absolutely everyone Im with u on this one.... but i tend to stick to the same meals weekly and so i think i will have a browse of the recipes here and in the ww magazines and try some new things

good luck everyone for the 'new starts' :)
Yeah I bought the new magazine last week and have read half of it. I must take it out of the wardrobe and get some meal ideas. I've tended to stick to the same meals for the last few weeks - so defo a bit of variety is needed. :) I've eaten the same breakfasts, lunches & dinners for weeks now. Maybe that is where I was going wrong. Going to write out a meal plan for the rest of the week - hubby can eat the same as me. Not that he needs to lose weight but he does not know that I am on WW - he thinks that I should be eating more than I am. But then that is men for you....:p (only kidding).
Hey LadyVegas...

Read your post and it sounded very similar to mine!! think we're in a pretty similar mindset, as I've done all the things you have done interms of updating my ticker and starting a fresh!

Just wanted to say we can do this!!! Good luck!


We sound like bob the builders team Can we do it?Yes we Can!
Brill idea Ladyvegas and you have inspired us all to take a fresh look at how we are planning things. Hope your treatment going well?
Hugs Maria x

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