New week, new you!!


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Thanks Mike!
Your encouraging post is much appreciated. It was frustrating having to abandon ship for the last 2 weeks but I'm back and ready to do the final stretch.

Good luck to everyone who is starting or restarting alongside me!


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Thanks Mike! you've had a fantastic weightloss and i always look forward to reading your posts, i have just restarted today and aim to lose 2 stone for xmas!!

Thanks again for being so encouraging!


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Well 7 months of mucking around over and done with....well not really mucking around all in all I've had 4 and a half months of not being able to follow the diet due to surgery. But still now I'm feeling fab I want to get back on more now than ever before. Yep Kamiknix is restarting tomorrow morning! I was going to start today but my weigh in day is Tuesday and I've never stuck to a diet that started on a Monday! Don't know why just can't.
Wise choices however will be made....not much choice there as no food in the house!
So 1000 cals here I come. Any recipes anyone?
Good luck to everyone whose restarting whatever diet your on.
Thanks Mike for starting this thread.
Kam x


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Thanx for all the encouragement!
Day 1 (pack 2) of CD. So far, so good but think am getting a headache!
Ironic moment of the day - My 7month old daughter is REFUSING to eat her lunch and I am close to forcing her. It's a topsy-turvey world alright!!!


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THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! - I think there's a song in there somewhere!!! :D

Good luck everyone ;)


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I'm humming along!!! Day 4 packs 3 water 1 litre so far!!

hang in there everyone!!


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Hi Mike, your message was just what I needed to read today, I have re-started today for the upteenth time - so far so good! One day at a time. Your weight loss success is truly inspirational.