New Weigh-In Method?


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Sorry if anyone's already posted this, but I've only just heard about this at group tonight.

Apparently, around March time we'll be getting little credit card type things that we'll swipe when we go to group and swipe again when we get weighed, so it saves all our information.

Good reason for me to stay till March! Something new and interesting!
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ooooh that will be handy if you need to go to a different group some nights.


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We already have it too, works well I reckon, but then i wasnt about when it was done any other way.


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It takes a bit of bedding in... yesterday was our 3rd week and it still took 20 minutes more than it does normally to weigh everyone

It will be good when all clubs are online, but if you go to a club that is not online with your card it can get difficult - apparently

Hope that this helps



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it is for me because my surname is spelled different to how you pronounce i just give my card to them and it registers on the consultants laptop, then when you get weighed you hand your card to them and it records your weight each week..... all the info is then uploaded onto a little Blackberry looking thing and the consultant scrolls through it to talk about everyones losses.

i wouldn't say it's better or worse than before, but it's good if you go to different classes.


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I think it is a bit quicker than the paper records, but as has been said it does take a bit of bedding in, and when it goes wrong it can hold things up a little.

Having said that after a few weeks, any teething troubles will be dealt with and should run smoothly from then.


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Our machine is always breaking down and the consultant has to keep phoninh head office. Fortuneately there is only 6 -8 of us in our group so we have plenty of time xx

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Tonight was my first experience of the card system and I must admit I thought it was a lot better as everything was calculated at the end for the Consultant without her having to sift through piles of paperwork. Even when things went belly up a few times with the card machine reading the cards, it seemed to be a lot quicker.


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Its good coz you dont have to write anything down in your book apart from weight loss so nosy partners and sisters etc cant see how much you weigh haha


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we have been using these for ages and class inc new joiners is so much aquicker


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They use it at our class! Then she plugs it in to her little mobile computer thing and can read out how each of us have done this week, good starter for convo between people, it gets you talking about why you did well, sharing tips and what you did wrong and we all give alternatives to things thet say xxe


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yeh we have those at my group as well, I was very impressed when I started I must say! I keep it next to my debit card in my purse incase I feel like buying something bad! :) x


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We haven't got it at our group yet and I asked our consultant when we would. Apparently they have to go for two separate training courses and as ours works full time she has to work it around her job and holidays so it may be some time yet.
However, she did say that there is a deadline as to when all the classes have to be electronic so it should be sometime soon.
Ours runs pretty smoothly with the papers but I am all for new technology so am looking forward to it.


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It works well at our club too. To begin with it took a tiny bit longer but each week is getting quicker. It's good that it says your bmi too!


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It's a bit hit and miss, it certainly makes pay desk quicker. Weighing, not so much, since you have to wait for the cards to register in the PDA before you can step on the scales. Our C has mega issues with the PDA, she can never get it to work properly, we end up going round the group announcing our own losses, and last week it decided everyone had gained 2lbs, not sure how that's going to play out later at WI this evening.


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I think at my class on Monday, the consultant said that all classes have to be on the new system by Christmas 2010, but the whole of our area - Calderdale - has to be online by April...

I go to class at Shelf and we r on already :) which class do you go to? x