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Hi Everyone.

I am new to this group and thought I would drop a few lines. (Actually I posted this the "main" introductions page but thought I would re-target my audience.)

I have always in "big boned", don't you hate that? It's similar to "Does he take sugar?" Anyway a few years I bought a new camera and a friend of mine, who was playing with it, took a photo of me. Oh dear!! After regaining consciousness it was after seeing that image when I decided to do something.

It was during December and I ordered a super duper high capacity bathroom scale of up to 200Kgs. Right, I thought, I will find out my real weight and start from there. With a certain amount of confidence I stepped on the scales only to met with and "ERR" display. Yes, I was WELL OVER 200kgs or 440lbs or 31st 6lbs.

To cut a long and very boring story short, the following year I was down to 139kgs or just over 21st. I then started a new job and the weight has slowly started to creep back on and I'm now up to 25st 9lbs, bother or words to that effect.

It is now time to get it back off and down to my "internal" weight of 90kgs. This I know will take well over a year or so but seeing as I have lost 61kgs and "only" have to get rid of the remaining 74kgs I should be able to do this.

How am I doing this? By not sitting listening to music when I come home from work and falling asleep on the sofa, not eating bread (the devils food), shaking my booty at every opportunity, beginning an exercise regime even if I am only starting with assorted wii based home fitness programs and walking.

I have been doing the EA Active thing and have pulled my thigh muscles doing the squat exercises. OUCH! Note to self - Start small!

I will drop in here from time to time to let everyone know how I am going.

This is quite long for a "short" note. I have a number of short term goals that I am looking to achieve before 01/01/10 and then the journey will begin in earnest.

To be continued......

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Good luck dontcallmetracey!! Together we can do it!
Yay for making a positive step forward. I look forward to hearing about your progress, and the encouragement and support you will get from this site is amazing. Good luck with everything.

Cobweb x
you will do well, I only recently joined this forum and I am so amazed by how much reading other people are in the same boat as me makes me feel better! I am not alone, it is not easy but just take each day at a time and you will get there you have done so well already xx
EA active is hard :p take it easy and welcome to the forum.. keep it up x

Just a little up date. Over the last couple of weeks I have managed to lose 12lbs. Yes I know that sounds like quite a lot in a short time but I feel quite good about it. However, I currently feel empty inside, I don't mean "hungry", just empty.

I have been on holiday for a couple of weeks and am going out of my mind with boredom. Back at work tomorrow so with a little luck I should be feeling a little less blue.

Sorry about this post, but this is for everyone out there to show that it is not all sweetness and light and no matter how far we have come or how far we have to go like our weight, everyone's moods go up and down. I am trying to concentrate on the positive and disregard the rest.

To be continued.............
One of the best things about having a lot to lose is that in the beginning (when we really need the boost) it drops off really fast, so 12lbs is a fabulous loss, and not too unusual on this forum..

I'll bet you feel fantastic about it because it's another stepping stone down the journey, and so you should.
It's hard work.. you can't sit down from it and have a little rest.
You can't take your eye off the ball at all BUT if you plug away (the way you are) you will win.

On the way you may get fed up (sorry about that :rolleyes:) but if you can have the guts to come as far as you already have, then you have the guts to keep going.

The kind of courage that a large person shows when they decide to take the first step to lose weight, will never make the front page of the newspapers but it sure as hell should.
To take a fragile self esteem and put it out there to ask for help shows the heart of a lion..

Well done for having the courage to start this long journey in the first place, and well done for recognising the downs as well as the ups, and carrying on regardless.

Juno ..


Staff member
Well done dontcallmetracey on losing 12lb!!!:happy096:

Good post Juno, a lot of wise words there!

Love Mini xxx
Congrats on the 12 lbs :D well done!!

And the empty feeling......i know what you mean (at least i think i do). It's those moments where you would normally grab something to eat so you have something to do, or in my case, would go to the supermarket to get something even better to eat than what is in the house. Those moments are quite empty now and boring.

But on the other hand, those empty moments do show what we are achieving :D and we can get through them! I tend to go and do something diff now in those moments, go cleaning (burns calories) play with my daughter, or come on here :D
Hi DCMT!!! Well done on the weight loss and just because you have alot to lose ( I have 10 stone to lose so.. hmm yeah!) ... dont mean you can't do it!!

You seem determined and you have done it before!! (like me... hum-di-ho)

Good luck, im thinking of getting that Wii Active, is it good? i got the Wii Fit and was using it at the beginning of this year, but since June I have been too heavy (my bf keeps askin why i aint using it but its because im over the 23st 8lb limit)... At my last weigh in I was 23st 13lb so hopefully in the next few weeks ill be able to use it again...

Does the EA Active game have a weight limit like the wii fit??

Good luck, not that u need it ;) x
Claire, I LOVE the wii fit.
I'll bet you would be fine on it..give it a go!
..Only do it in the dead of night to save embarrassment, but the worst thing that can happen is it will give an error.

You can put a code on your weight profile so no one else can see it too..
I'll bet you're really good at the hula hoop spinning.. That's the upside of having lots of hips - we can swing 'em when we want to!

Juno ..

Thanks for all the encouraging messages. Still feeling a little blue, but it is more of a turquoise colour than the royal blue as before.

I too have the Wii fit but have yet to use it as I am over the limit, I find it more than slightly off putting when a computer game tells that you are too heavy.

And to lightlifeclaire, EA sports active is good as it keeps you motivated and has a large range of activities that can be used in "honest" mode where the exercises are described as such but the program can also so be used in "game" where the exercises are hidden behind various games. Another good thing about EA Sports is that it does not use the Wii fit board. However, the Wii board can be used on a variety of the games if you want to. (WHICH I AM GOING TO USE SOMETIME OVER CHRISTMAS)

Anyway. once again thanks for reading my posts and it does feel better knowing that other people are on the same path as myself no matter how uneven that path maybe from time to time.
Congratulations dcmt on your 12lbs loss. You have done really well and you should be proud of your self. it is time for you to find something else to spend your time on rather food. Losing weight is a hard journey and I don't think we realise how much energy we spend around food and when it is taken away, you really do feel blue or empty. Time to reassess your life and find something else to fill your time with which does not involve food. Treat yourself in some way, you deserve it.
Well done DontcallmeTracy on youe 12lbs loss, that is excellent. I too have ALOT to lose. I started at 25st7lbs and am now down to 21.2lbs although was 20st5lbs (had a bit of a gain recently oops) I am doing Slimming World (weigh in tomorrow) and aim to get to 10st by Jan2010 I hope.

Anyways, you are doing very well so far to have lost over 10st! and good luck on the remaining loss xxx

We can do it!!

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