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New With Low Motivation :(

hi there i intend to start on the cambridge diet SS tomorrow, but I would like to hear more from fellow cambridge dieters and their own personal experiences? personally i've tried to get on CD for the longest time but I always have trouble sticking to it. i can't even get past the first day, for God's sake!

I've been exercising a whole lot but my weight just seems awfully stuck at the same place. I've been trying to lose weight for the longest time and because I've got so much to lose, there's still so long of a journey left before I'll be near my target weight. Ive got a history of bulimia and am often prone to bingeing whenever I get mad or if I do really well but still am not able to lose weight. I've also got this stupid addiction to the scale and have to weigh myself at least 3 times a day. I wish I can just get out of this and start my life anew cos everything just seems to go bad everytime.

Hoping I'll find some inspiration and my much-needed motivation to get started on the CD-SS tomorrow. :sigh::break_diet:
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S: 21st3lb C: 20st8lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 0st9lb(3.03%)
I'm on day 4 and feeling pretty good now, my advise to get you through the first few days is:

1. Day before you start, trying to have soup for you lunch and dinner... this helped me adjust my thinking from "I'll have soup and bread and a bag of crisps!"

2. Drink LOADS! No joking I must have drunk 7 litres or more on Tuesday (my first day) and it did help keep hunger at bay. I sat with a bottle of ater at my lips at all time!

3. Everytime you think you might give in repeat this mantra "I will be thin!" I WILL be thin!" "I WILL BE thin!" "I WILL BE THIN!!!!!" because we know it works, stick to it and you will be thin!!!

If you want we can be CD buddies as I'm early on too, I'm more than willing to be the angel on your shoulder!

Good luck, You can do it! :bliss:
:) thanks so much. I'd love to have some CD buddies. From where I come from, we don't have CD counsellors so it's really hard to stick on. I really hope I can get through at least one week. cos ive never gone past day 2. so if i can do it this time round i'll feel so motivated to carry on further.

the CD is not cheap i don't wanna be wasting anymore boxes on false starts anymore. :) thanks for ur support
S: 21st3lb C: 20st8lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 0st9lb(3.03%)
No problem Hun, I seem to be online almost constantly throughout the day. Feel free to email me on [email protected] and I will most deff reply to you. I know how hard it is, but I've been dead lucky cos my mum is doing LL, so has been a great support to me.

Just think, this could be the first week of the rest of our lives!

I'm rooting for you!

Fuzzys Angel

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First of all i'd like to say Welcome to CD & minimins Royal Purple..

Like you I've got a history of bulimia, also depression & again like you i have an obsession with to the scales and have to weigh myself at least 3 times a day.

The only words of wisdom i can give is 'how much do you really want to loss the weight?'.....It may seem like a silly question but before i started a VLCD i used to say i wanted to loss weight & got very down at my size but never really stuck at anything... It wasn't until October 2006 that i really decided that i TRUELY WANTED TO LOSE THE WEIGHT FOR ME!!! You see i was fast approaching my 40th birthday & couldn't think of anything worst than not only being 40 but big with it! (not that it wrong to be big & 40, it just wasn't what i wanted for me!) that's what finally gave me the kick up the [email protected] i needed. Losing the excess weight became such a strong urge nothing was gonna get in my way!!!!

The biggest help to sticking to CD is to come on here as mch as you can to get the support from others in the same boat & drink lots of :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: to help you feel fuller, so not to be tempted by food!

I hope this helps in a same way, good luck with you weight loss journey, i look forward to reading your posts....xxxx

Im not going to lie! the first week is very hard and if you make it through that then you are flying!

unfortunatly for me it didn't work that way so i moved from SS to 790 as i was constantly cheating as my hunger never dissappeared. this is working really well for me, i have 3 packs and an evening meal. its still 12lb a month loss which is massive and im going to work may way back to ss.

Just bear that in mind as this diet is flexiable and you need to find the programme that is best for you.
Hey RP :) sorry you are feeling so down....
Why not have a good look around this forum and be inspired by all the amazing losses other people have had and tell yourself that YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Sounds to me like you are at your lowest point - having tried and failed in the past - and now you are thoroughly sick of feeling as bad as you do, and want to change it. Well, you can! Let this be your lowest point ever, and look onwards and upwards from here, just taking one day at a time. You can do it! Promise yourself you will not think beyond today - busy yourself with other things, have long baths, spend ages on this site, get obsessed with getting as much water down your neck as humanly possible, buy yourself some nice firming cream and pamper yourself, and if all else fails go to bed and before you know it that will be another day under your belt.
You know it is crazy to weigh yourself several times a day and believe what the scales say don't you?! A litre of water weighs over 2lbs - so it will fluctuate depending on whether you need a pee or indeed a poo! So don't do it (it will just make you freak out when you think you have managed to GAIN!) or if you must weigh, do it only once a day, in the morning buck naked and before anything passes your lips!
Make yourself a PROMISE that you will see out the first week at least - then you will be so chuffed with your loss it will be the motivation you need to keep going. Why not write yourself a letter, telling yourself why you hate being the weight you are, and what will be different once you have got to goal. Remind yourself why you want to do it without cheating and remind yourself how [email protected] you feel after falling off the wagon. In times of crisis, read that, grit your teeth, punch your pillow, ***** at your partner if you must .. and wait for the urge to pass. It will! It will return again and again but each time you beat it, you gain more strength in the knowledge that you have beaten it before and will do so again.
Anyway, listen to me, the Eighteen Stone Guru trying to tell someone else how to do it! ;)Sorry to sound pompous and patronising, but this is also really a wee post to myself, to remind myself how to cope! Anyway I'll climb down off my soapbox now - and I wont say good luck because luck's got nothing to do with it - your own determination and bloody-mindedness is all you need!:D
Mrs P


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Im only on day one and i am thinking of food constantly, i am thinking ohhh what shall i have for tea? i would like some fellow cd buddies aswell, so if anyone offers count me in.
If you need any motivation, click on the Inspiration link in the blue bar at the top of the screen. It's full of us who've lost weight (and are maintaining or still strugglin - erm me! lol) and I really think that pictures speak louder than words!

Soon enough, you will be flying and wanting to add your pics too!

Atta girl!!!!

S: 21st3lb C: 20st8lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 0st9lb(3.03%)
Im only on day one and i am thinking of food constantly, i am thinking ohhh what shall i have for tea? i would like some fellow cd buddies aswell, so if anyone offers count me in.

Hi Nessa, feel free to email me aswell. It's nice to know there's some newbies like me out there!

We can do it, and together we're stronger!

Byebye Bingo Wings! x x x

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