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NEW YEAR and a new me....heard that before?

Right folks, havn't dared weigh myself recently but pretty damn sure I've put on most of what I lost last year. I'm ready to start again.......would love to see some of my lovely pals from minimins (sunshine girls or otherwise) and am ready to KICK SOME FAT ARSE namely mine lol! Will be weighing myself in the morning, tomorrow evening will reset my tickers etc. Happy new year to you all and happy dieting!!!!!!!! xx
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Ok all weighed and started today. I've set my ticker from my heaviest weight (March 2009) and as you can see I am still 16lbs less than I was at the start of that. Unfortunately can't quite forget about the fact that I actually lost 5 stone in total but nevermind, my ticker will show that again soon enough :) POSITIVE THINKING!!! Actually looking forward to this summer!!
I have bought a lovely notebook from Tescos which I shall use as my diary, writing down all my thoughts, how my day has gone and which packs I chose to have that day, also have drawn little charts for my weightlosses and measurements. Any other suggestions? Ooooh have also joined up for the Valentines Day challenge, now THAT will be interesting!!!

Happy Cambridge folks, have a good week xx
Actually, I'm more than 16lbs less than at my very first start, after my official weigh in I'm actually 25lbs LESS whoop whoop!!!!! I feel ever so slightly better about that lolol!

Well so far so good, 4 days on and I've been quite good, not 100% I must admit, but hey, I look in the mirrow and I think I can see a change in my face and on my ribs already! Next weigh in next Tuesday at 6.30pm, can't wait!!

Hope everyone else is doing well....xx
Had a wobbly day today, literally. Got to work and everyone was asking if id been on something cos i looked so stoned! My head felt 5 times bigger, i had the shakes, was incredibly wobbly. I forgot my tetra so had to go to superdrug and get a slimfast as an emergency and then i felt better. I think its because im dehydrated I know im not drinking enough, but I have an overactive bladder as it is, I do try and drink more though.

Lovely spicy tomato soup and an oriental chilli soup this evening.......works do tomoro. Am driving so Im not tempted to drink....just hope I am strong enough to stay away from the buffet......

Hope everyone is having a good week, I know I am the only one posting at the moment but I'm just going to keep waffling to myself...feel free to join in lol xx
Ha Ha You funny bunny !! that's what I think too.. so I just talk to myself x I've got one word to say to you missy WATER:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:

Still finding it hard to get back into the water but doing my best. Just do what you can do tomorrow hun but well done on driving!!! I think your doing brill on your restart xx :)
I thought it looked brill hun lolol! Yesterday during the day I begged my workmates to make sure I drank loads of water and bless them they did and kept refilling my glass. Had my soups before i went out last night and bought a couple of bottles of coke zero with me just incase I couldnt handle just drinking water.....but ended up succumbing sigh. Cant say exactly what with cos I dont want my post being removed, but i will say it was NO WHERE NEAR what I would normally have had in fact it was only a little ickle bit, but probably still enough to totally bugger up my week sigh. Or maybe Im just psychologically thinking it was worse than it was was. Sent my CDC and a fellow CD friend texts saying 'helllppppp!' but unfortunately even with that support I still didnt make it. I shouldve texted you too sweetpea, you couldve kicked my arse xxxxxx
Crikey luv.. me kicking your butt :) I need more than that :sigh: i wish my brain would click in my jeans are too tight and a month ago they were hanging off me. Its my Birthday this week but I am not to bothered as I don't have plans util the end of the month when everyone gets paid. I really need to do it or it will be the same old story and I won't want to go out. Blah Blah Blah x text anytime sweets :eek:)
Almost had a 'sod it' day today.....but have been good. Even went into Tescos to get some bits and didn't buy any naughties. Am resigned to the fact that my weigh in won't be so good tomorrow (first week for goodness sake). Ache like ******* today, hope I'm not coming down with something again.

Would be nice if others commented too? Until then it's just me and my buddy............

Hope everyone has had a good day?
You will be fed up with me!!! no matter where you turn up I pop !!! lol xx well done for not doing a sod it day, good luck my super duper buddy for tomorrow.. you've made a start hun and your doing it. And.. guess what?? I've nearly done my first whole day.. woop woop xx
yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sweetpea see we can do it!!! You're looking sso gorgeous (yes I saw the ball pics ;-) oh and I'll never get fed up with you!!!! xx
I don't know why but I find this really funny!! small things amuse me at times.. just think one day you will be at work and i could pop out of a cake and shout surprise... soooooooo funny !! as for the ball pics, thanks hun.. erm slightly heavier in such a small space of time but not for much longer.. good luck treacle for tomorrow.. umm sorry about the ref's to the F word :D
well after a day of no drinking, and no packs I got weighed at 6.30 and lost..........4lbs! Bit disappointed as it's the first week but I know why so wasn't toooo despondant.
Got a headache tonight so short and sweet, hope everyone is doing well xx
So how are we all today? I'm going to do a 810 day today cos I'm so fed up I could cry and eat every thing in the cupboards (and believe me cos we were ill over christmas theres a lot!!). So I'm going to be good and stick to stuff I would be allowed on an 810 day and hope it's ok.

Lydsjackson nice to see you love, how are you getting on?

Sarah sweetpea, special day tomoro :) xx
Well done hun for not straying, I like the 810 plan, at least you get something to eat :D:D thank god I don't have anything worth nibbling in the cupboards.. its the dreaded day 3 for me.. sooooooo hungry :sigh: oh yeah... special day tomo ;)
SIGH. I don't know how much longer I can do this. I feel absolutely exhausted, weak and very lonely (foodwise not friendwise). My friend is going to Slimming World and I'm seriously thinking of joining her. I know my weightlosses won't be as good (but then let's face it, they're not at the moment) but I'm fed up with half hearted attempts, no socialising and having to leave the room when the family eat. Boo hoo somebody slap me x

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