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new year new me!

Soooo i know its not the new year YET, however no point in carrying on the xmas bingeing for another 3 days!

i woke this morning, late... opps was meant to meet a friend for lunch before which i should have gone to the gym> home> showered. ended up spending an hour on the fone to lawyer [sorting out an accident i had two years ago which resulted in me putting on weight i had lost through CD] so was running more behind.

so gym closes at 5. meant to meet friend at 2. in my head i was thinking i cant cancel friend as have not seen her in 6months, leave gym. all of a sudden i thought no i cant do that i wrote on mins that im starting today and ill start a thread for my diary! so the thought of even one person thinking 'hmmm where is preets update she was meant to start' made me go to the gym today! thank you all hehe

gym, didnt do alot, but im gonna ease in slowly in the hope of not passing out because of my poor fitness!

Tredmill ,distance 1.75, incline 2, level 5.5 20mins
X Trainer, distance 1.33, level 4, 10mins

now that dont seem much to me :confused: buts its 30mins cardio which i can build up from.

now the naughty bit, ate 1900cals :eek: but thats cos i ate out at a thai place [changed meeting with friend from lunch to dinner date]. was really good until then.

so goal 2moro is to get to 1500 cals with = exercise as today.
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oh yeah and i have done 4000 steps on my pedometer today. SO i couldnt decide to keeping pedometer on or off at the gym. in the end decided take off. my thinking is that you are meant to hit 10,000 steps for a fit life style. if i go gym and get load of steps counted, but sit around the rest of the day its a bit pointless really!

also wanted to add, that a man on the xtrainer made me laugh today, as he was reading a book. i dont know why, but it made me laugh! i am very silly.
That would make me laugh too Pree, although sometimes I wish I had the courage/ability to read on the treadmill and bike - it's sooo boring! :cry:

Well done for yesterday, 30 mins cardio is an excellent start. :happy096: And I agree with the pedometer issue. I am sure you are meant to achieve 10,000 steps within your 'normal' lifestyle, and not through planned exercise.

Keep up the good work. Can't wait to join you back at the gym! I must start my Pilates tonight, I must...:argh:
hmmm trying to decide, gym or Divina power of three work out DVD?...
worked out my meals for today and have worked it out as 1081cals, which i think mite be a little low. mite have a spoon full of pasta with my dinner salad got tescos finest pasta, spinch and pine pot, what will be another 200 cals. 1281cals total will be good i think , spesh compared to my 1900cals yesterday.

hmmmm i think i mite do my DVD today as i dot really do any toning work at gym but the DVD combines cardio and toning.

also i go gym with my brother and he dont wanna go today hehe but at least i will still work out! that will be 60mins. COOL right i gotta go walk around the house aimlessly to up my step count...
i worked out that my days cals are only 754 after my exercise is taken away... now i know you shouldn't drop below 1200 cals. but is that with or with out exercise?
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well done for doing the gym yest and 30 mins of cardio does burn fat!
did you do the video? thinking of digging my old ones out...not used one in ages tho been going to the GYM...(ouch even the word hurts) for a few weeks now.. cal counting too ..is their a seperate bit on the forum for folk that cal count?
I think it's with exercise, although am not 100%.

Hi QueenB. Yes, this thread is in the calorie counting section of the forum....there are various threads going on, but they're all written by calorie counters! From the main forum page we are quite far down, I think we may be in the 'other diets' section....
queen b, this is the forum area for ppl that cal count? have i misunderstood what u asked... there is also a fitness area for exercise. oh wait reading on, Cap has answered you already.

rite so i only last two sessions on the DVD, which is 40mins, rather then 60 as i was planning. but thats still more the 0mins, which is what its been for four months!

so today i have eaten 1562 cals.
dvd exercise worked out to be 310cals
that means i have 1252 cals intake in total.
i also done 4456 steps with a few hours to go. which is great compared to yeterday, been cleaning my bedroom all day, took ages! but it kept me busy and active!
so i reached my targets from yesterday.

now yesterday i didnt really do much other then the gym, wondered around the house abit, but only managed 3757 steps. if i have not been to the gym that would have been a very poor day. i mean the target is 10000 steps, and i did 3757! so i can only imagin how little exercise ppl working at desks get.

it will be interesting how my step count will change when i go back to work!
oh, how busy i have been and its only 2.30. getting things ready, have family friends coming over tonite, so getting things ready for dinner.

treated myself this morning. got my nails gelled! i quit smoking and thought well with the money i save am going to get my nails done every couple of weeks. a lil well done for me, also it reminds me of the money i am saving.

hope every one is going to have a great time tonite, and if i dont speak to u b4 midnite HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
10 days since i stopped lol.
having a bad few days of eating healthy... way over my cals! oh dear. well i start over again 2moro. i wont give up trying! got my salad ready for 2moro and dinner so i cant stray. I will do it!

on the PLUS i managed to get to 9500 steps with a few hours to go.
i was shopping all day and it really worked up the count. also got some really good bargins for ski cloths which im trying to get fit for. 6weeks to go :S
oooh gel nails are fabby...had them done before and they last longer than the arcrylics..what colour/style french american manicure? did you get?...i fancy getting my nails done to but i going to get a spray tan first i think...for a treat when i loose my first 4 lb..soon i hope!
i got french. its my sisters mate who does it, she is jst starting out. she aint got many colours. ones she did have where very bright, but i didnt wanna be stuck with a bright colour if they chip really quick and then i gota wait to have it remove... i hate chipped nails. but french being chipped aint as ovious, so this is my trail run and if it lasts two weeks im gonna get bright pink !!!
rite so made my new valentines target ticker, and i have 6weeks to loose 7lbs. i know its only 1.somthing lbs a week, but it jst aint happening. i weigh myself at least 2 times a day [yes mild obsession]. so my previous cal target was 1500, im gonna have to drop to 1300, plus exercise. if with exercise i go under 1000 cals then ill make it up with more veg and fruit, rather then a biscuit treat...
also the biggest challenge. bread only b4 5pm!!!!!!!! thats the scariest bit. i love bread, but i know if i dont wanna look like a dummy on the ski slopes i need to sort myself out. so rather then sitting here with some coke zero [i love the stuff] im having water. i have planned out my days food 2moro at 1244. pasta and rice will be next on the list, but slowly slowly it will cut down. just need to get goo at making dinner with out those carbs :(
so after my little rant in the last post i went up to 1600 cals today :( i mean it aint dreadful, but its not what i was hoping.
my bf came over for the day and it was a huge excuse for my mum to cook and impress him. so we had tea and snacks when he arrived at 12.30, then snacks again at 5 and then dinner at 7.

hmmmm and i wonder why i got to this size! so yeah not a great day, but not a huge disaster. i think dani mentioned in another thread not being able to start on 1st jan cos it not being a monday, i am totally feeling that theory! but at work i cant snack all day so its good!
no exercise today tho :(
argh, 1900cals today, nightmare! ok well 2moro i am going to the gym straight after work, 3.45, so hopefully all those new year new gym members will still be at work and it wont be toooo busy :S can only hope.
i came across a calorie count website yesterday which also has work out suggestions, which im going to try at gym 2moro,
i normally just do 20mins on the tredmil with incline 2 level 6.
eg Boredom Buster 30-Minute Treadmill Interval Workout. so that will be interesting, see how that motivates me at the gym. ill try a few differnt workouts over the week to see which i enjoy the most.
WOW i have 1016 cals so far today! woop, ill have a little snack later.
did a huge work out at the gym, but will not including this is cal calculation, as i figure if i still stick to 1300 cals plus exercise ill loose even quicker!

worked out 20mins on the tredmill distance 1.77k
5min warm up at 4.5speed inclide 0,
up to 16mins speed 5.5 incline 2
up to 18mins speed 6 incline 4
then a 2 min cool down.

then i did 10mins on cross trainer total distance 1.39
2min warm up
1min 7kph speed
1min above 10 speed
untill i hit 10mins
2min cool down
Wow Pree, you're doing great!! You're making me long to go back to the gym :eek: lol

Seriously, you're an inspiration. And as soon as I can get back into my gym gear comfortably I will go back, all because of you! lol

Keep up the good work ;)
jeee thanks cap! thats really nice to hear.
i have had about 1300 today, really fancy a sandwhich now tho, mite have one. as will still be under my 1300-1500 cal range...

no gym today, my but is killing me after yesterday , also didnt leave work till 6 and was in a bad mood ... so decided to come home and call me bf :) that cheered me up, but killer head ach sheshhhh
not a great day today
thats brill...well done hun!
re hunger have you tried they skinny cow hot drinks...mint dark choc...40 cals and curb the appetite a bit (well a little)! tasty tho!

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